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Sun 27 Aug 2017
at 21:01
Strange things are afoot at the Circle K
Hello fellow inmates ;-)

I am Carmen and I am 36 years old. I love Magic the Gathering (House Dimir) and I love to write storys and poems.

I am a big whovian but also Game of Thrones and UK Panel Shows.
I love Asia and its ancient culture
I am a fan of Horror, Fantasy but I also love mixed Genres if done well.
I like SCP and the Horder-Series and thinks similar to that kind of stuff.
I like tea ceremonies.
I hate people that start all of their sentences with "I" ;-)
Being a horror fan I can handle adult content but I don't need that.

In real life I am a social worker but I love to play dark and deceiving charakters in stories, theater and so on.

RPG and RPoL wise I always was interested but never found a place/group to play with. So you have been warned, I am new to this.

I love to play tabletop games like munchkin or the resistance.

For now I will read a while as there are sooooo many things to explore here. But if you have any recommendations where to look into first, please tell me!

I hope my English was understandable as I am German.


"Every single creature in the universe has an irrational fear of the dark. But they're wrong. Because it's not irrational." - The Doctor
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Mon 28 Aug 2017
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Strange things are afoot at the Circle K
In reply to CarMa (msg # 1):

Wilkommen bei RPoL, Carmen,

Meine Deutsch is nicht sehr gut, so I will continue in English.  Your English is way better than my German.

It sounds like you have the right idea about hanging out and getting to know how things work before diving off into the pool.

Definitely look around in the FAQs and in the Help, especially under RPoL Policies.  It sounds like you have a handle on Mature and Adult Content, but look anyway, as these things might not be exactly what you expect, and it is best to know.

You also sound like you have definite ideas on what type of games you might want to play.  The best places to find games are:

  • Wanted - Players - this is where GMs advertise for players.
  • Game Proposals, Input, and Advice - this is where GMs propose concepts for games they are thinking about creating and get a feel for how many players might want to play such games.  Expressing willingness to play here can be a good way to join a game just starting up.

If you decide you are ready to run a game (be a GM/Referee/Storyteller, etc.), definitely dive into the GM Help, because the toolkit here for managing a game is powerful and versatile, and has just a little bit of a learning curve to get to full usefulness.

Lots of nice folks hang out here, and many of them will be glad to give you help or advice if you ask in the right places:

  • Heaven - Gaming Resources is the place to find character sheets, gaming aids and other game system related resources.
  • Game Systems is a forum dedicated to specific questions related to specific game systems.  (There are also specific forums for certain systems like World of Darkness and others.)

Last, but certainly not least, Community Chat is the place to hang out and just chit-chat with friends, or talk about more general gaming topics.

Have fun!  As Good William might have said, "the play's the thing".
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Mon 28 Aug 2017
at 12:49
Strange things are afoot at the Circle K

I'll just add that if you get tired waiting for a GM to propose a game that interests you, you can go to Wanted - GMs and tell them what you wish someone would offer.