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Sun 17 Sep 2017
at 00:11
Hi I'm new
Just today i decided to try roleplaying and this is my first time could someone teach the ropes plz
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Sun 17 Sep 2017
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Hi I'm new
In reply to KashinReina (msg # 1):

Hi, and Welcome,

RPoL is the right place, and you've found it, so the hard part's over.

There are tons of games going on here in every genre and type imaginable.  You should be able to find several that catch your interest.  Was there something in particular you were interested in playing?

Here's what you need to do to learn your way around:

Sit back and relax for a while and just read.  Read in Beginners and Community Chat to get a feel for the place.  While relaxing, also read in the Help and FAQs, especially in the sections FAQs for New Users and Site Policies.

While you are reading, take note of any Notices posted at the top of any forums you might visit.  These contain useful information and rules governing how the forum is to be used.  Anytime you visit a new forum, these should be the first things you read there.

If you intend to play in games containing Mature and/or Adult Content, please read up on the policies governing these.  This will save you headaches down the road.

Wanted - Players is the place to go to find games which are seeking players.

Wanted - GMs is the place to place an ad for a particular game you'd like someone to run for you to play in.

Game Proposals, Input, and Advice is a place for GMs to propose concepts and ideas for new games, and to gauge interest in those concepts prior to working up such games.  Players who are interested in new games discussed here can get in on the ground floor as a game is just starting up.

If you intend to become a GM/DM/Referee here, look at the Help section Running A Game to get acquainted with the toolkit available to you for running games.  You will find the tools here are very versatile and have features not seen anywhere else.

Don't be afraid to ask questions, 'cause there are folks around who will be glad to help point you on your way to the answers.  It's a friendly place, and a great way to have fun.

Jot back if you have particular questions, and let's get you started.