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Thu 30 Nov 2017
at 20:14
New around here!

First time around here, so nice to meet you all! Figured I'd try to get started on PBP since college has been taking such a huge chunk of my life away. Hopefully I'll find games that allow shorter posts otherwise I'll get bad flashbacks from before dropping law school. I'm just not a good writer, even though I love reading. Or maybe I'm just not a confident one... either way, glad to be here, and I'll do my best effort to get better!

RPing sounds so fun, but with everything it's been hard to find/join a group outside the internet. I guess reading rulebooks and thinking I'd never actually get to play them was one of my hobbies. I've tried D&D 3.5 before but back then we were all beginners and it ended up being very goofy and the rules went on pretty loosely. Thus, hopefully I'll learn to properly roleplay around here! See you around the forums.

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Fri 1 Dec 2017
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New around here!
Welcome to RpoL, one of the best PbP websites around.

With a friendly community and loads of games to participate in of all kinds of systems, thou should never be bored.

It's always best to check out the FAQs on this site, located directly in the upper right hand corner if you have specific questions about specific things on this site. The Help option also works in some favor.

On the Main Menu, it's always best to check out the Wanted - Players thread to see if any games spark your interest. From what I've noticed, there are tons of games from free-form to Sandbox to Pathfinder to D&D5e gaming systems. Iím sure youíll find something that sparks your interest.

Or perhaps you have a game idea and donít want to run it and want to look for a GM? Then youíll want to head to Wanted - GMs; perhaps youíll want to GM someone elseís idea.

Wanna join idle conversation? The Community Chat thread from the main menu is the best place to engage in interesting conversations from the community.

We as a whole are always willing to help out to newly registered users so don't be afraid to reach out.

You'll find your calling soon on this site.