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Fri 2 Feb 2018
at 10:58
New member Introduction!
My name is sage. I am a 26-year-old woman that loves roleplay. All roleplay really. I am currently seeking to find a roleplay partner or group. I have dyslexia, however, i try my best. I prefer writing out stories and or more than one-liners.

Past roleplays: Gorean Style, Anime (yandere), Supernatural TV show, Magic, Neverwinter, Dungeons and dragons, Long had made up.
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Fri 2 Feb 2018
at 15:39
New member Introduction!
Welcome, Sage!

You've found what I would consider to be the best venue for role-playing on line anywhere.  Thousands of games are in progress right now, with more starting nearly every day.  You should have no problem finding a game you'll love playing.

Making your introduction your first post is a great step, and indicates you may already be reading in the Help and FAQs - that's a great start.

A great place to get in on the ground floor of new projects is Game Proposals, Input, and Advice, a topic devoted to what it says on the tin:  GMs can float game proposals to gauge interest before spending the time to develop a concept into a game, solicit feedback on methods and practices for running games, and generally get help from other folks who've chewed the same ground.  Players can see what's being considered and express interest to help foster the creation of games they want to play.

Wanted - GMs is where players advertise for a game master to run a game they want to play in, and Wanted - Players is where GMs with existing games advertise when they are seeking new players.

Here's hoping you find the gaming experience you want!  Dig in, play, or GM.  Enjoy!
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Sat 3 Feb 2018
at 03:12
New member Introduction!
Welcome, Sage. Never let yourself be put off gaming (or a site) by the occasional up-tight GM who is pedantic about perfect spelling or grammar. You'll find a few everywhere. Rest assured most of us are happy to receive any decypherable communication. Happy gaming. :)