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Sat 3 Feb 2018
at 02:55
Hi, everyone!

I'm a big fan of RPGs and Role-playing in pretty much every form. I've been role-playing for almost 13 years now and have experience in a wide variety of RPGs - computer, tabletop, free-form, PBEM, forum games and so forth. I love to role-play, but sadly there's recently been a lot of time-pressures that prevent me from playing in regular weekly groups and I thought that trying out a different style might be a good way to scratch that RPG itch.

My main focus is on creative character writing and I love heavily story-based settings with a lot of room for creativity and interaction between characters and the world. I've had great experiences with Shadowrun, WoD, DnD and a variety of other systems, and I'm looking forward to finding some games to play!
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Sat 3 Feb 2018
at 03:18
Welcome, Combined.
Unfortunately, the older you get, the more time-pressures seem to accumulate. PbP gaming like this helps, though. At least you can choose your own time to reply (within reason, of course). You will find games here with expected reply times varying from hours to weeks. You will find a niche to settle into here.