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Tue 20 Feb 2018
at 11:11
Hello Rpol! Completely new player looking to try
I am from a country where D&D is not a thing, but as i learned about it, it seems super fun and wanted to try something online, i was directed here is a nice place to play. Thanks for having me, please feel free to share any advice or resources you might have that could help a newbie like myself.
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Tue 20 Feb 2018
at 16:35
Hello Rpol! Completely new player looking to try
Welcome titainus.  I think your best shots are checking the Players-Wanted thread and doing a search on the main screen of games looking for players.  Best of luck.
Isida KepTukari
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Tue 20 Feb 2018
at 17:49
Hello Rpol! Completely new player looking to try
Depending on the system, some rules could be legally available online.  Pathfinder and Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 have a System Resource Document available for free online, which would be a big help for you.

But like allworth said, do try to the Players-Wanted thread to see if anyone is playing those systems.  Or you could start a thread in the Wanted-GM (Game Master) forum if you're looking for a specific kind of game or Game Master.  Some GMs run lower-level games for newbies, or might run you a short solo campaign so you can see what's what, but you may need to ask for it.

You could also see if someone would let you lurk on one of their games.  Lurking means you can see everyone's posts, even though you can't post, letting you see a game in action and how posting format and game play work in action.

If you'd like to lurk in a low-level D&D 3.5 Game, you can come over here: link to another game and hit the "request access" link in the upper right-hand corner and drop me a line.
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Tue 27 Feb 2018
at 00:48
Hello Rpol! Completely new player looking to try
Welcome to RpoL, one of the best PbP websites around.

With a friendly community and loads of games to participate in of all kinds of systems, thou should never be bored.

It's always best to check out the FAQs on this site, located directly in the upper right hand corner if you have specific questions about specific things on this site. The Help option also works in some favor.

On the Main Menu, it's always best to check out the Wanted - Players thread to see if any games spark your interest. From what I've noticed, there are tons of games from free-form to Sandbox to Pathfinder to D&D5e gaming systems. Iím sure youíll find something that sparks your interest.

Or perhaps you have a game idea and donít want to run it and want to look for a GM? Then youíll want to head to Wanted - GMs; perhaps youíll want to GM someone elseís idea.

Wanna join idle conversation? The Community Chat thread from the main menu is the best place to engage in interesting conversations from the community.

We as a whole are always willing to help out to newly registered users so don't be afraid to reach out.

You'll find your calling soon on this site.