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Tue 24 Apr 2018
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Character Sheet Templates
Found this option in the GM menus, don't know what it's for or how to make best use of it. Anyone know any tips/tricks to leverage these templates?
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Tue 24 Apr 2018
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Character Sheet Templates
In reply to bythenumbers (msg # 1):

I don't right now, but I'll definitely research this.  Thanks.'s what I know after fiddling with this feature:

There are five slots in which to store character sheet files.

Get there by clicking GM Menu --> Edit Character Sheets, then clicking on the link in the bottom box for character sheet templates

This opens up the selector box with links to the five template slots.

Clicking one of these opens an editor window similar to that used for editing character sheets.  At the top of this editor is a place to give the template a Name.

This name will be displayed as the "slot label" for that template until it is changed.

Put whatever text you want to save (including Easy Tables, HTML tables, etc.) in the text editor window, then click Update Template.

From what I see it's a place to conveniently store frequently used forms for a game.

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