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Sat 10 Oct 2015
at 09:54
VtM for NWoD 2nd
These are my house rules for my VtM game I'm running using the Blood & Smoke and Storyteller 2nd Edition, I call it 'Requiem for a Masquerade'. Most of the work that isn't my own is credited by them, but for completeness sake, a good bit of work is translations done by Yossarian and PenDragon from the Onyxpath Forums. There's too much of it to copy to the forums, so I will leave a Google Docs link; https://docs.google.com/docume...B4-OMxbnbaTgT8/edit#

Feel free to use or critique it. It's not all the way complete, I'm missing a couple of Disciplines (My house game is still in the Dark Ages, and they haven't come up) while the modern day will use more from VtR, and other games may not. At that you can ignore my half-constructed conversions of VtM concepts in a more Requiem format. Otherwise, if anyone has any of the missing elements, I'd like to see them, or ideas, balance issues or the like.