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Star Wars FFG Criminal Crew
Over my time on rPoL I've slowly been developing a crew of pirates, smugglers, and general ne'er-do-wells. I like to imagine that each game they're in is just another chapter without a lot of emphasis on chronology and I would like to continue to take them along in their journey through the underbelly of the galaxy.

Currently the crew is up to 6 but not all of them need to be considered "active" players. Two of them can definitely be regulated to supporting cast.

The idea of the game would be a solo 1-on-1 experience where I would run the entire party of PCs and the GM can throw them into whatever situations seems fun and exciting. While they're unscrupulous and definitely criminals I wouldn't be opposed to steering them towards working for the Rebels or Empire or lifting them entirely to drop them into some other time frame like the Old Republic.

The Crew (using the 5-man band trope)
  • The Leader - Xuren Valkes is the pilot/captain of the group. An ex-pirate who was pressed into doing some pretty terrible things. He abandoned the more ruthless side of piracy but the experience hardened him so he's not opposed to lying/cheating/killing his way to credits however when possible he tries to find a peaceful solution to things to avoid any more blood on his hands.

  • The Lancer - Miranda. A twi'lek that was "rescued" from slavery by the same pirate band Xuren was part of. Xuren stepped up to protect her but Miranda ended up taking to the pirate lifestyle far better than Xuren. She relishes the thrills of combat and has no problem shooting her way through every problem presented.

  • The Big Guy - CT-6666 aka Sixes is an ex-clone trooper mercenary that escape the Empire's service. Professional and direct he follows orders and generally keeps the rest of the crew from getting themselves killed when they inevitably get in over their heads. Unlike the rest of the crew he is being paid a regular salary and when the money dries up he has no compunction of leaving to find another employer.

  • The Chick - Vikra, a Torgruta from a backwater planet with a knack for machinery. She keeps the ship flying as well as the rogue droid (see below) from dismantling the ship in everyone's sleep. Eternally optimistic and cheerful she is always excited to see the wonders of the galaxy. Despite her immature demeanor she is a predator and thus doesn't hesitate in combat (although she is not cruel or bloodthirsty in her victory). Heart and soul of the crew and is the glue that keeps everyone together.

  • The Smart Guy - ARD-A, a human replica droid that doesn't know it. She was an early prototype model and while she is indistinguishable from people she was not given an exhaustive knowledge base so is learning about what it means to be "human" from a crew of scum and villainy. She was an NPC rescued as part of an early plotline slowly elevated to role of full time crew. As a strict pacifist she usually just stays on the ship during heists and capers and often ends up in moral debates with the rest of the crew as she tries to understand why they inflict so much chaos and violence on others.

  • The Sixth Ranger - ASP-404. ASP is supposed to just be a droid equipped with a fusion cutter to cut through hulls/doors and then haul the cargo back but it's programming has been infected with...something. It frequently tinkers with weapons, equipment, even the ship's layout and more than once Xuren or Vikra has caught it trying to build...something out of scavenged parts. While memory wipes keep whatever it is at bay it inevitably ends up creeping the crew out over time. That being said, most of the time its tinkering is actually beneficial (for game mechanics I typically build ASP-404 as an Outlaw Tech and have a lot of fun diving into the fluff behind it's "upgrades" to things). Sometimes ASP-404 is part of the crew, sometimes it just goes off on its own. Also usually gets left behind in the ship.

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Star Wars FFG Criminal Crew
As an example of how this would work in game, here is an introductory post I had for a recent game that appears to have died away. Hopefully it illustrates the kind of inter-party dynamics that can be difficult to get in a multiplayer game.

Xuren let out a sigh of relief as the docking clamps set into place. One problem down, about a thousand more to go. He hadn't told the rest of the crew just how close this had been.

Even after a lengthy excursion they hadn't gotten one decent prospect. The only traders they found were too well protected or scurried away before they could come to bear. Then they had to burn a bunch of fuel outmaneuvering an Imperial patrol that seemed to dog them jump after jump. Coming to Point Nadir when they were out of credits and fuel was a dangerous proposition but one more jump from those Imperials and they would have been dead in the water.

He sighed again. Out of credits meant that their problems had just started. The Tethers were out of the way and many smugglers and pirates would dock here instead of the main berths to try and skirt out of the Anjiliac's fees but they sent patrols of thugs to collect their docking fees often enough and if they were caught without credits, they would at best loose their ship. He didn't want to think about the worst that might happen.

They couldn't even run without any more fuel. The ship had been on fumes before their jump and he had expected for them to run out at any moment up until the clamps locked on. He sighed one final time and turned to put on his best 'captain' face.

"Alright, does everyone know the name of the game?"

Vikra was a bundle of energy, practically vibrating with excitement. The last couple of times the crew had docked it had been to quick turn around cargo and she hadn't been allowed off the ship. With the state of things currently Xuren could no longer afford to leave anyone behind, except maybe ASP-404. He needed every boot on the ground to drum up some credits in the shadowport.


"You want to try that with some breathing involved?

Vikra grinned and took an exaggerated deep breath.

"We're supposed to find a smuggling job that pays credits up front."

Behind her Miranda checked the settings on her twin pistols before slamming them into her holsters. She was pouting, as usual. Long periods without action and adventure made her nearly insufferable to be around.

"Ugh by the sith I hate cargo runs."

Sixes was standing at attention, rigid as always. He cleared his throat to take command of the room and shook his head.

"Technically it doesn't have to be a cargo run. Captain said any job with credits behind it."

Xuren nodded.

"We are down to the last drop and the last credit. We burned through the reserves to get that bogus lead and now we need to play it safe for a bit. Which means..."

He arched an eyebrow at Vikra.

"...which means we stick together. Head to the..."

"...Trade District..."

"Right, Trade District and poke around the shops looking for someone with cargo to move. Then we'll move to the...shoot..."

Behind her Miranda huffed.

"The Souk, geez we've been over this like three times now."

Vikra glared back.

"What the heck is a Souk? How am I going to remember that? We head there and check out the Bounty Post."

Sixes nodded.

"Wouldn't be the first time someone got lucky and found a bounty on Point Nadir, only problem is you need credits to access it..."

Xuren nodded and shrugged.

"I'm sure we'll figure something out, push comes to shove. Offer a higher percentage and quick turn around or something."

Miranda spun one of her pistols around a finger before snapping it into firing position.

"Right. Or something..."

She sighted along her pistol and took an imaginary shot at some poor imaginary data broker.

"Finally, assuming nobody has a lead and nobody has gotten shot, stabbed or kidnapped..."

Vikra was watching Miranda wave her pistol around and missed her cue. Xuren cleared his throat and repeated the line and she rolled her eyes and finished it.

"If nobody has nothing then we head to Zietta's palace."

Sixes gave a concerned look to Xuren.

"I know things are rough but are you sure you want to get in with the Hutts?"

"The Anjiliac's control Point Nadir and if we don't get a job we will need to be associated with them to avoid getting stranded here. Besides, what are the odds we can't find a single way to make a credit in a shadowport?"

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Star Wars FFG Criminal Crew
Shades of Firefly in AGFFA. I find the idea amusing. Are you sure you'd wanna give the reins over to someone else? It looks like you have a pretty solid grasp on where you're going with it.

Or is that part of the idea, writing around the unknown elements of a third party and the fickle dice?
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Fri 1 Mar 2019
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Re: Star Wars FFG Criminal Crew
Or is that part of the idea, writing around the unknown elements of a third party and the fickle dice?

Yep. I love them to pieces but I can't work in a vacuum. They have grown far beyond my imagination by constant injections of new scenarios and obstacles and characters into their histories.

Also keep in mind that while they have solid backstories and histories they are not static. I am not expecting a GM to come in and listen while I tell him what is going to happen. For each game I build them fresh and love input from the GM about tweaks and twists.

One game had them be surprisingly successful in pirating and they expanded their crew and ship to a fleet of raiding ships. Another game was much smaller in scope and honestly spent most of the time just trying to escape from a shadowport when they didn't have any fuel or credits and had a laundry list of enemies.

Things like notable NPCs, obligations, heck even careers and species are up for grabs as the thing I hold onto is their characterization and relationships with one another. The crew dynamic and interaction between them is one I love exploring over and over again in as many different ways as possible.
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Re: Star Wars FFG Criminal Crew
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Re: Star Wars FFG Criminal Crew