Bod Man
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Thu 14 Aug 2014
at 03:08
I've always had an affinity for unlikely mashups. I think they just work. And I've always thought that the gameplay in a call of cthulu game bears a striking similarity to an episode of scooby doo. So the thought of a comical cthuluian horror game is very appealing to me. And lo and behold but someone has taken the words from my mouth.

Now, I'm not sure my first choice of rules for this game would be d100 coc (I'd be more partial to cartoon action hour), but I think what was put together here works nicely.

Any takers out there on running this strange mix of musical, comedy, and sanity-bending horror?
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Thu 14 Aug 2014
at 03:24
Re: Scoobythulu
I can't run it, but I think this is the first CoC idea that has piqued my interest in a long time.


If you do find a GM, this game will be awesome.

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Thu 14 Aug 2014
at 03:55
Re: Scoobythulu
Dear lord, this is an abomination.  Albeit one that somehow works.

I am tempted, though I know I am a bit too dark of a CoC GM for it.  On a side note Eggy, have you ever seen Delta Green?
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Thu 14 Aug 2014
at 04:01
Re: Scoobythulu
Lol, my son ran a Johnny Quest-Cthulhu game at Origins a couple years back.  Seemed like everyone had a good time.
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Thu 14 Aug 2014
at 05:27
Re: Scoobythulu
This just made R'lyeh flounder. I bet no one's allowed to kill the characters here, so I ain't running it in sometime X))
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Thu 14 Aug 2014
at 16:06
Re: Scoobythulu
I want to plaaaay! (I'll play anyone but Scoob.) CoC rocks.