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Mon 31 Aug 2015
at 20:37
Solo FFG Star Wars
I've got a bunch of Edge of the Empire/Age of Rebellion/Force & Destiny books all just sitting on my shelf and the last several FFG Star Wars games I've played have all gone belly up.

Awhile ago I played a solo game where I ran four (later six) characters that were the crew of a pirate ship. It was great while it lasted but all good things come to an end. I'd like to play another solo Star Wars game. The system would be FFG's star wars but beyond that I'm open to anything.

If given pure choice, I'd like a combination Edge of the Empire/Force & Destiny game. Basically the idea is that you have an ex-Padawan struggling to keep her balance with the force while up to her eyeballs in Hutt Space. Add in a Smuggler Captain and a Big Beefy Mechanic/Heavy Weapons specialist (I'm thinking Trandoshan Bounty Hunter or Hired Gun) and a possibly sociopathic droid surgeon and it rounds out to what I think would be a fun an interesting crew.

As for jobs, typical smugglers fare but hopefully with a chance to chase down some jedi artifact or avoid jedi hunting bounty hunters. I know full well that being a jedi in this time period and this setting is a death sentence and that's exactly what I'm looking for, a game where as a Jedi she has to be as un-jedi-like as possible in public while secretly struggling not to fall to the dark side by completely abandoning her training.

But that is just my initial thoughts for my version of Han/Luke/Chewie plus Hannibal Lectorobot. I'm fine rolling up a rebel strike team or Imperial tie pilots or whatever story that wants to be run.

Shoot me an rMail if you're interested in running this or if you have any questions.
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Tue 8 Sep 2015
at 21:07
Solo FFG Star Wars
In reply to praguepride (msg # 1):

I know you're looking for a solo game, but I've been wanting to play in a Star Wars EotE or AoR game.  I'd love to play 1 of the characters in your crew if you are possibly interested.  I'm still learning the game mechanics, but I'm a quick learner once I'm committed to a new game.
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Sun 19 Mar 2017
at 14:02
Solo FFG Star Wars

I had a wonderful GM start a quick game for this but it fell off and I was hoping to resurrect.

My hope would be that this would be a Firefly-esque game where they skirt the law of the Empire however it would still have a heart of gold, so to speak.

Feel free to rmail me with ideas or for more details!
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Mon 20 Mar 2017
at 01:53
Solo FFG Star Wars
I would like to participate as well, if a GM can be found.
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Mon 20 Mar 2017
at 11:27
Solo FFG Star Wars
I would also be interested in participating as well.
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Wed 22 Mar 2017
at 07:22
Solo FFG Star Wars
If possible I'd like to continue forward with a group of scoundrels I had a very interesting run with years ago. This would be a crew of 6 (although most likely only 3-4 would be involved on any particular issue).

  • Xuren Valkes (Human Smuggler [Scoundrel]) - An orphan growing up on Nar Shaddaa, he was indoctrinated into criminal organizations at a young age and by the time he was a teenager was deep on the wrong path. Ended up working as a pilot for various pirate organizations, notably the Bloody Rexes. After a bad falling out with them coupled with an Imperial ambush he abandoned the rest of the pirates and fled to make his own way in the galaxy.
  • Miranda (Twi'lek Smuggler [Gunslinger]) - Born into slavery, she was being groomed to be yet another Hutt dancer when her slave ship was attacked by the Bloody Rexes. Xuren ended up claiming her as a prize to protect her from some of the other Rexes and this conflict served as the primary catalyst for him abandoning the rest of the pirates. She has developed into a ruthless adrenaline junky.
  • Sixes (Human Ace [Hotshot]) - A clone trooper born at the end of the Clone Wars, CT-6666 was folded into the Empire and became a squad leader in the Imperial Navy. During an attack on ex-Sepratist hold-outs resisting the Empire, Sixes disobeyed a direct order to disengage and ended up getting his entire command killed. His superiors who had a bias against the aging clones in the Navy decided to bring Sixes up on treason charges. Facing imminent death, Sixes stole a ship and fled to the Unknown Regions before finding passage back to the Outer Rim. Now he works as a pilot/gunner for hire.
  • Vikra (Togruta Sentinel[Artisan]) - A force sensitive living on a complete backwater world, Vikra always had a mystical connection with machinery. When Xuren and Miranda crash landed in her backyard, Vikra couldn't stop from trying nonstop to join the two on their adventuers, anything to get her away from boring farm life. Originally Xuren rejected her but the trio ended up finding and repairing an abandoned spaceship and Vikra has been their mechanic ever since. Always optimistic and bubbly, Vikra does have a predatory sense to her and does not shy away from combat, especially in hand-to-hand.
  • ASP-404 (Droid Technician[Outlaw Tech]) - Xuren was looking for a simple labor droid to help load loot on and off his ship. Instead he got a seemingly rogue AI. Despite several memory wipes, ASP-404 continues to tinker and modify their ship and while sometimes its modifications prove incredibly useful, othertimes it's only thanks to Vikra's connection with machinery that she is able to keep the ship from exploding.
  • Arda (Droid Colonist[Scholar]) - Artificial Replica Droid - Alpha. Note that almost all of this is unknown to any on the crew. She is the first successful prototype in a line of six models that would culminate with Human Replica Droids like Guri. Designed with a basic protocol droid mind, her developers were just trying to find if they could create a human-enough personality and a biological enough body to pass sensors. She is an average looking woman as they did not spend a lot of time custom crafting anything for an early prototype. She doesn't know that she is a droid but she is aware of her hidden internal cybernetics. She thinks of herself as human, just that she has hidden robotic parts others don't. The story of her escape is somewhat complicated. ARD-B and ARD-C proceeded fine as they improved the design, enhanced the model and aesthetics. ARD-D was the disaster. They programmed the replica with combat protocols and removed the restrictions on it. It went berserk and destroyed the lab, murdered technicians etc. ARD-A was accidentally activated and wandered off. She became lost and ended up in the cargo hold of a freighter. She was discovered and dumped into Nar Shaddaa where she has wandered around for about an hour before bumping into Miranda and Vikra on their shopping run.

Each of the characters has plenty of meaty hooks just on their backgrounds alone. Xuren betrayed a rather brutal pirate organization and burned a lot of contacts in the process, Miranda has a 'Napoleon' complex and cannot back down from fights and challenges, Sixes is ex-Imperial in a bad way which means both government and criminals who find out about his background go gunning for him. Vikra being force sensitive is something that was started to explore via a rescued jedi survivor/mentor. ASP-404 is mostly just mischief but the origins of its intelligence is completely unexplored. Finally Arda is being hunted by the lab that she escaped from. HRD's won't be nearly as valuable after the galaxy becomes aware of them so they are putting a lot of resources into trying to recover their lost 'property'.

Hope this helps any potential GMs!