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Sun 4 Oct 2015
at 20:07
D&D 5e
I'm looking for a D&D 5 game where the DM posts more than once every week or so, and where he's only running one group. Multiple groups seem to get different levels of attention.

I don't mind first level.
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 Via Veritas Vita
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Tue 6 Oct 2015
at 16:37
D&D 5e
would be interested as well! Trying to learn the system.
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Tue 10 Nov 2015
at 23:20
D&D 5e
still looking
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Wed 11 Nov 2015
at 05:12
D&D 5e
I would be willing to GM. I am familiar with the system and have been a player, but I have not GM'ed for dnd. If your fine with that let me know.
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Thu 12 Nov 2015
at 14:29
D&D 5e
Just an fyi from a GM running multiple games/threads. The level of attention is mainly due to post rate of players. A game that the players post frequently wirh clear actions for the GM to respond too, will get acted upon.

IE. Two threads same sernerio going. One all players post within 48hrs, I post back. Other thread, GM posts, three days latter one post up. I wait to see if someone else has anything to add, maybe another day or two.
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Tue 26 Jun 2018
at 18:42
D&D 5e
Still looking for a D&D 5E game. I can't seem to find one where the DM sticks around.

Edit: And I'm not interested in an Adult game. Frankly I think the rating is over used and Mature covers what most GMs intend.
I am NOT interested in PvP virtual sex, and any regular depiction of blood and gore that needs an Adult rating just makes me wonder about the poster and detracts from my desire to read posts that might have such in it.

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Lord Psynister
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Mon 2 Jul 2018
at 14:03
D&D 5e
I'd be happy to join in on one.

I don't know that I'm in a position to run another game at the moment.
Lord Psynister
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 5E Dungeons and Dragons
Mon 2 Jul 2018
at 16:17
D&D 5e
What kind of game are you looking for, and what level range, T?

I may be able to squeeze one more game in after all.

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Sat 14 Jul 2018
at 17:19
D&D 5e
Sorry, the above didn't set the flag for me, and I missed the fact that someone had posted.

I'm just looking for a basic D&D game, using 5e (minimal house rules: I want to actually play the game once or twice, first, before exploring variations). I never get a chance to play, just DM. I prefer humans, but it's not a requirement

Mind you, I'd rather not have an overworked DM, as I've had bad luck there, with them either slowing down to once a week or so, or outright disappearing due to over extending themselves.

Also, I'd rather not an Adult game. I am not interested in virtual sex, stories about sex, or graphic details of blood and guts that makes me think the poster might need counseling...and that's all the Adult is necessary for. In my experience Mature is adequate for most of the things Adult is claimed to be being used for my most GMs.

It seems that every game I've seen posted for 5e in the last 2 weeks is rated Adult. I have no idea why.

I don't mind 1st level, but I have a human druid build I'd like too try that is best done at 4th level, although it could be done at 1st. I have other character ideas I'd like to try out, as well,of course. Pretty much one for every class.
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Wed 18 Jul 2018
at 21:35
D&D 5e
In reply to tmagann (msg # 9):

I woould lkke to play as a character but just an fyi, I have never played before and this would be a first time experience.
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Sat 21 Jul 2018
at 21:03
D&D 5e
I'm running Phandelver, my version of Lost Mines for beginners. Rated mature, pre-gens available if you have the Starter Set.  Everything is open, drop by for a look/see.
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Sat 21 Jul 2018
at 21:34
D&D 5e
In reply to Aslanii76 (msg # 11):

Drop by where? You forgot to add a link.
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Wed 25 Jul 2018
at 00:19
D&D 5e
Sorry, try:  link to another game
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Sat 4 Aug 2018
at 20:40
D&D 5e
Looking for an non-Adult rated D&D 5e game, minimal house rules, preferably level 5 or higher.
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Sun 5 Aug 2018
at 04:25
D&D 5e

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Tue 14 Aug 2018
at 14:31
D&D 5e
If you guys find a game and need an experienced DM/player to take part, let me know.
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Fri 17 Aug 2018
at 21:16
D&D 5e
In reply to tmagann (msg # 1):

link to a message in another game
I'm running this one if you're interested