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Thu 8 Oct 2015
at 23:40
Solo D&D 5e
I'd be interested and grateful if someone were to run a solo game for me. I'd like to be able to play with a character that has some levels (so maybe around 6-8) so that I have some options open to me. I'd prefer the focus to be on roleplay and have any encounters be a little more unorthodox than a straight up fight, as I feel it would lend itself better to solo play.

I have different concepts in mind so I can work with the DM to make something that fits the setting they're going with. I suppose it would be more exploration, investigation and intrigue than adventuring. I can post daily (though perhaps with an off day here and there) and mostly this is just to have some fun doing some of the more crazy or irresponsible things that you might not be able to do with a party around.

I have a lot of gaming experience though not necessarily with 5e. I have enough knowledge to work the system but I'll probably make a few mistakes along the way so please don't hold it against me.

Thank you in advance for any that are interested, please PM me if this sounds good and we can discuss the details.
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Tue 27 Oct 2015
at 13:29
Solo D&D 5e

I did have two replies on this and after spending a while setting up unfortunately one only got part way through a set-up day / encounter and the other only got one in game post.

I would like to again throw this out there and see if anyone would be interested. The discussions I had though did help me focus down what I wanted from this. While anything that's not bog-standard adventuring is still on the table I would lean more towards some intrigue, maybe investigation thrown in and that would mean probably a city setting though I have no preferences on the world.

Thank you again in advance for anyone that takes an interest in this, I'd love to get something going and be able to flex some creative and crazy idea muscles.
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Mon 2 Nov 2015
at 01:24
Solo D&D 5e
I would love to give this a try. Have a world that I have created of my own, and would love to turn back the hands of time to do this with. Visit to explore it a bit and let me know.
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Fri 5 May 2017
at 13:10
Solo D&D 5e
I'd like to bump this thread. I did have a few responses that began quite fun and one of them is still slowly happening. I'd like to refine my interest into a game that has strong overtones of politics and intrigue. Sadly the one response I got that could have gone that way the dm gave up on during the opening sequence.
Still would like to start at higher level, at least tier 2 as in the OP.
I also have developed a lot more experience with 5e so that is not an issue anymore.

If you're interested please rmail me and we can discuss it further.
Thank you!
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Sat 13 May 2017
at 20:17
Solo D&D 5e
all I got was a quick message asking something and that was it
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Sun 14 May 2017
at 20:55
Solo D&D 5e

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Mon 22 May 2017
at 01:57
Solo D&D 5e
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Wed 31 May 2017
at 03:48
Solo D&D 5e
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Fri 9 Jun 2017
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Solo D&D 5e