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Sat 17 Sep 2016
at 18:26
Pathfinder AP Wrath of the Righteous
Basically I would like to play through the Wrath of the Righteous Adventure Path from start to finish.

The only things I would need from a GM in particular is:

Someone willing to run the entire thing for a group of 4 or 5 players.

Someone willing to use the Mythic rules. I understand there is an option to go without them but I think it sounds fun to use them.

And I do have a character in mind. I'd like to play an inquisitor of Shelyn. I'd take the Exposed to Awfulness trait found in the player's guide. He would have grown up disfigured from the scars mentioned in the trait and would have done most of his inquisitor training in a different, evil aligned church. Later he met a Shelynite priestess, fell in love, and went through a redemption. After her death he decided to join the crusades.
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Sun 27 Nov 2016
at 18:23
Pathfinder AP Wrath of the Righteous
Well, I found a gm for this a little while ago but he is now no longer able to continue.

I, and the three other players who started the ap, would like to continue as a group if we can find a kind enough sould to take it on. I'm not sure how far we made it into the first book but it doesn't seem like it could be too far. It would be great if we could find a gm who would pick up round about where we were but starting over is cool too if that's simpler.

I will use the character I described above. We also have a bloodrager, a bard, and I believe a magus.

Hope to talk to you soon.
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Wed 8 Nov 2017
at 03:58
Pathfinder AP Wrath of the Righteous
I'm back again. The four of us found a new gm after the last bump but he too is now gone.

We made it to the beginnings of book 2 and would love, love, to find another GM willing to take over.

The only change is that the bloodrager previously mentioned switched to a paladin. Otherwise all previous info is still relevant.
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Sat 11 Nov 2017
at 04:54
Pathfinder AP Wrath of the Righteous
In reply to eggellis (msg # 3):

I have all six modules and have read through them all.
I am in the middle of running the AP in the first module w/ a group of four players, but they do not play very often.
New to RolePlay online - so I am not sure how the whole online role playing/GMing is done.
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Wed 22 Nov 2017
at 03:25
Pathfinder AP Wrath of the Righteous

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Thu 7 Dec 2017
at 05:52
Pathfinder AP Wrath of the Righteous
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Thu 14 Dec 2017
at 15:58
Pathfinder AP Wrath of the Righteous
Still looking.