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Wed 21 Dec 2016
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Partner wanted for Serenity/Firefly story
{I've revised this ad based on some helpful feedback I received. Hopefully what I'm looking for will be more clear now.}

What I'm looking for is a writing partner for a story set in the Serenity/Firefly universe. Familiarity with the setting is critical, though it isn't necessary to have digested every last bit of fan knowledge...the movie and the TV series is fine. Also, familiarity with the Cortex rules is not necessary, as this will be a freeform writing project as opposed to a game.

The story will largely focus on the adventures of a Companion. As such, there will be sexual elements to the story, and as such this will carry an Adult rating. That said, smut is not the focus of this story. The focus will be on the introduction of a Core-born Guild Companion to a crew of misfits and vagabonds, and how she impacts their lives for better or worse.

There is an over-arching plot, but the focus of the story will be on the crew.

It is also important to note that the creative burden will not be solely on my partner. Think of this less as a GM/Player partnership and more an partnership of equals, where both parties share creativity and plot development.

For example, I do not anticipate playing the Companion exclusively. There will be times when I will play other members of the crew opposite whatever character my partner is playing.

As of now, the Companion character is fully developed. I have ideas for the crew and for the over-arching plot. I have not developed the Captain, as I plan to leave that to my partner.

If this intrigues you, please respond via rmail.

I've included the 'pitch' below to whet your appetite.

Jasmine is on top of her game; on top of the world. She commands the highest price the Guild allows, and that is only to secure her company. A night with her costs much, much more than the cover charge.

She has a number of regulars who do not mind paying all that and more for her company. Because she makes them feel like no woman can, like gods. First is the pleasure of having her on their arm. The feeling of power that comes with walking into a room and commanding the attention of every man in the room; being the envy of every man in the room. Then there is the way she so perfectly conforms herself to them, insinuating herself so subtly, so innocuously, they aren't even aware.

And it is all a lie.

Jasmine is a shell. Empty on the inside, a void. So desperately lonely she cannot live in her own skin. She has never been asked to the movies. Never held hands. Never been in love.

She lives vicariously through others. She hates being alone. She gives herself so completely to her clients that every time it breaks her heart. Every. Single. Time. Because that's what the Guild requires. Whores have the benefit of professional distance. A man rents her body, but may make no claim to her heart.

The guild requires that a Companion give everything. Total surrender. There is simply no other way to reach that spiritual connection otherwise. Without it, it's just sex, and that is empty. No, what makes Companions special is that when a client takes her into their bed they become one, a bond meant to last a lifetime. But it only lasts a night.

So she heals herself how she can, stitching the ragged patchwork of her heart with booze and mindless, nameless sex.

She is a lonely, friendless, pathetic creature, and no one knows that but her.

This is a masquerade that has played out since the night she became a companion, and it would have continued, except...except.

She doesn't know why they are trying to kill her, she only knows that they are. You know who I am talking about...two by two, hands of blue.

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Mon 2 Jan 2017
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Partner wanted for Serenity/Firefly story
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