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Wed 28 Dec 2016
at 04:52
Looking for Monster Hearts
Does what it says on the tin, really. Recently picked up a copy of the game, and I'd love to play it, but I don't really have the right sort-of players (or time!) around here.
I think, by it's very nature, Monsterhearts needs -at least- a mature tag, likely an adult one.
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Wed 28 Dec 2016
at 18:21
Looking for Monster Hearts
I'm just guessing, but I'd think Monster*Hearts would be tough to pull off because it is a teenage drama with heavy sexual undertones. The core concept of the setting violates the ToS of RPOL. Not saying it couldn't be played on a 'mature' setting, but the subject matter leans heavily in that direction.

That said, I'd love to get into a *Hearts game.

Also, it could very easily be adjusted upward a year or two, so that the PCs are college freshman, and thus steer clear of any ToS entanglements.

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Wed 28 Dec 2016
at 18:38
Looking for Monster Hearts
Most Monsterhearts games I've played here (including the one I'm currently in) skirt around the issue by advancing the clock four years and putting the PCs in college rather than high school.
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Mon 2 Jan 2017
at 06:54
Looking for Monster Hearts
I'd also be interested in playing. A previous game I played here set all the PCs at 18 year old high school seniors, but I'd be fine with college Monsterhearts.
Aida Rose
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Thu 5 Jan 2017
at 00:36
Looking for Monster Hearts
I'm interested as a player. The setting just has to be in a point of transition, I think, so college works well.
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Thu 6 Dec 2018
at 23:37
Looking for Monster Hearts
Bumping: I've now been in a couple of MH games that all fell at the first hurdle. Still looking for a new or active one.
Sally Aces
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Thu 6 Dec 2018
at 23:43
Looking for Monster Hearts
Iím also interested in this. What edition?
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Tue 15 Jan 2019
at 21:51
Looking for Monster Hearts
I'm interested in playing this! I'm running tabletop campaign, but I'm interested in being a player.
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Tue 22 Jan 2019
at 03:23
Looking for Monster Hearts
I'd like to give this game a try myself.