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Sat 31 Dec 2016
at 14:17
D&d 5e
Is there a gm out there who would like to set up a new d&d campaign? I would love to play in a group of 5-6 active players.

Any setting would be fine!
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Sat 31 Dec 2016
at 15:49
D&d 5e
I would like to join one as well. I have a general idea of an arcane caster, most likely a warlock - details would be molded to fit to the world / campaign.
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Sat 31 Dec 2016
at 18:43
D&d 5e
In reply to Rinandien (msg # 2):

Good! The more the better. I'd like to play some sort of cleric. But it all depends on the GM's campaign.
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Sat 31 Dec 2016
at 21:27
D&d 5e
I might have interest in tagging along, although I'm still pretty new
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Mon 2 Jan 2017
at 20:31
D&d 5e
I have been running a few tabletop games based on 'Band of Gold' concept. Simply put- its a generic dnd world with a specific history or near collapse of the society and world we know. 150 years later the players are part of a Mercenary group who seek to reclaim a kingdom devastated by a lich King/zombie apocalypse type ordeal.

Anything I would do would be straight from the core book- so special hombrew or DMGuild material. At tabletop I have used Standard array in some games, in some I have used higher starting stats... This would be determined before we start. I would like to run with a few DM's Options- namely Initiative Score (DMG pg 270) melded with Speed Factor (DMG pg. 271) and Injuries (DMG pg. 272).

I would like to explore options such as hiring NPCs, utilizing downtime for things like running a business or crafting magic items, and training to gain more proficiences.

I have tried using miniatures/tactical maps on rpol before and it bogs me down considerably, so combat would be more narrative and require more explanation on my part- and this may not fit the style of play some prefer.

I am also a working man over 40- and my posting rate would be more along the lines of 3/week- but sometimes it could become erratic.
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Wed 4 Jan 2017
at 01:56
D&d 5e
To any perspective GM that is wanting a party, I'm loving the scenario and would be willing to play as well.
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Fri 6 Jan 2017
at 14:00
D&d 5e
so, who is up for this?
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Sat 7 Jan 2017
at 16:27
D&d 5e

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Sun 8 Jan 2017
at 19:29
D&d 5e
I much prefer higher-powered characters (plenty of points for ability scores and level 7 at least), so if that's on the table, I'd definitely be up for playing, because long-term strategic play appeals to me as well.
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Sun 8 Jan 2017
at 22:37
D&d 5e

game is up

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