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Tue 10 Jan 2017
at 22:22
Freeform Necromancer
Looking for a GM to run a solo or small group game where I can play a necromancer. The game doesnt have to revolve around necromancy but Im looking to build a horde so Id rather not play anything that severely limits my ability to make and keep a large number of undead.

Outside of that Im hoping for freeform but am open to systems. Send me an rMail if you're interested. Thanks in advance.
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 I'm sorry,
Tue 10 Jan 2017
at 22:55
Freeform Necromancer
Depending on setting and such I may be interested as well - I do love myself some skellingtons.
Alex Vriairu
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Thu 12 Jan 2017
at 11:11
Freeform Necromancer
Assuming more than one player can own a horde, and setting, I might be interested as well.
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Thu 19 Jan 2017
at 04:28
Freeform Necromancer
Bump. Still hopeful.
Alex Vriairu
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Sun 29 Jan 2017
at 16:53
Freeform Necromancer
Anything here?
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 So edgy he cant cut paper
Mon 30 Jan 2017
at 02:21
Freeform Necromancer
If you don't mind i'd like to hitch a ride on this train too