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Sat 4 Mar 2017
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Odd dnd 3.5 character needs home
Character Name (Francis of Tyrus){tyrus being the street he grew up on, but tells people is a far off city}
Character Race (human)
Character Alignment (CG)
Character Gender (Male)
Character Class(es) (rogue)
Deity: undecided
Possibly Prestige Class: (none planed)
Character Description: on paper he is a vanilla rogue and all mechanics work as vanilla rogue but in RP he is acts as a cleric
  • sneak attack is "smite any"
  • evasion is "blessed step"
  • trap sense is "blessed eye"
  • uncanny dodge and improved... Is divine grace
  • etc...

Character Bio/History:  He is in fact a cleric of a war god. his patron deity chose not to gift him with spells but with a special effectiveness on the battlefield.

How often can you post (once per day more often on weekends)
What is your Timezone: (mountain standard)[9 pm to 10 pm][4 am to 430 am]
Any particular type of adventurers you enjoy (i like an even balance of Role-play, Roll-play, split evenly between diplomatic and combat situations.)
Any future Goals (see no long he can get away with the charade)

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Tue 14 Mar 2017
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Odd dnd 3.5 character needs home
Greetings GMs

I have seen much on line about how the true namer is a broken class(to the detriment of the player), but I would like the opportunity to see for my self.

I want to play as a true namer.

Name: I will generate this upon acceptance.
Race: human
Class: truenamer (if your game is gestalt I would like to pair it with wizard)
Level: I am willing to start at any level but 3+ is my preferred starting level.
Background: I can and will tailor this to the campaign being run. 
Description: much like the wizard the truenamer can be a powerfully caster type, but is not designed to be the primary caster in a party. But depending on the utterances chosen can fill the healer or the caster(all be it very specialised) slot.

For my build to work well I need access to the item familiar feat as published in the unearthed arcana book.

As any build can be played in a max min mode, I need to point out that as all the online forums state. For the truenamer to be a contributing member of a party they must gather every bonus they can to boost the true speak skill check. 

Why you should allow me to max min my true speak check...
The amount of energy and resources needed to make the class playable means that he is left with out the common defence and offence items and enchantments that make the more common casters more durable as they reach high level.

The truenamer at high level is a true glass cannon, sitting in a glass house. While powerful there are many things that can bring the class down very quickly.

I am perfectly fine with being a temporary character. I would like to try to preform the play testing that everyone says was improperly done ( or not done at all)

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Tue 14 Mar 2017
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Odd dnd 3.5 character needs home
Greetings GMs

Here is a character I would like to play.

Well to be honest I want to play any psionic class. It continues to confuse me why many don't like these classes. 

Name: I will generate this at the point I am accepted into a game.
Race: human (or élan)
Class: soul knife
Description: this is basically a fighter, that does not have to buy a weapon. To the gm looking at this, the soul knife is the least psionic class of the psionic classes. The soul knife is not capable of manifesting any psionic powers beyond the manifesting their weapon (which is limited to a small range of shapes).

Class: erudite
Description: this is a full caster, yes. But the erudite must plan which powers he wants to use. Each power is like a lane on a highway, because once you chose a power to manifest, untill the end of the day that is the only power you can send down that lane. An erudite may have a large supply of powerpoints but if they are (at their level) only allowed 3 unique powers per day. Those are the ONLY three powers they can cast untill they have rested for the day.

Class:  psychic warrior
Description: the psionic warrior is a version of a fighter who can buff himself and preform a small amount of ally buffing. As well as some powers that can target foes. But most of the powers are designed to buff his (or her) weapon.
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Tue 14 Mar 2017
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Odd dnd 3.5 character needs home
Greetings GMs

I would like to play a good aligned necromancer.

How this will be role played out.

Bodies used to "create undead" must be freely given
   "organ donation"
   As penance by "death row" inmates
   Non intelligent livestock sold (seller fully aware of planned use)
   All "undead" controlled by this character will be deathless as per book of exalted deeds

Belief that undead are vile and must be destroyed! While others can be purified into deathless
  Skelton (ok)
  Zombie (must be destroyed)
  undead (must not be in state of decay)
  Undead (must not consume anything from living creatures)
  Intelligent undead (morality of creature determines attitude toward it)
  Ghosts (must be put to rest)
   Un-living [as from exalted deeds] (ok)

Ideally I would like to use the variant specialist feature as presented in unearthed arcana, but that is not critical to my idea.

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Tue 4 Apr 2017
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Odd dnd 3.5 character needs home
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Sat 6 May 2017
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Odd dnd 3.5 character needs home
greetings GMs of the internet

i have a demented undead slave who seeks new masters, after being abandoned by his drow masters, who in thier abandonment failed to kill him properly.

he is almost impossible to kill and has no issue with cruel masters, just as long as he is allowed to pursue his goals of deicide in his spare time.

he intends to awaken and release the elder evil Pandorym.

he is currently built at ECL 9