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Tue 7 Mar 2017
at 06:14
X-Men Smashing Sentinals
Man I really want to play in a superhero game involving smashing Sentinals I saw it in mvies I saw it in the cartoon series as a kid and comics, I want to smash some Sentinals!

I'm familiar with mnm2e
but if a game is fairly easy I can learn any rules

this is just something I have really wanted to play for a long time, other stuff can happen as well obviously but I want some regular sentinel smashing
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Thu 16 Mar 2017
at 05:35
X-Men Smashing Sentinals
someone has to want to smash sentinals with me!
obviously we could deal with other threats as well
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Fri 17 Mar 2017
at 03:07
X-Men Smashing Sentinals
Could be fun.
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Sun 19 Mar 2017
at 05:21
X-Men Smashing Sentinals
I think so to
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Sat 25 Mar 2017
at 05:23
X-Men Smashing Sentinals