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Tue 14 Mar 2017
at 21:24
Looking for Numenera Game
I would love to play a Numenera game. I have the book but, unfortunately, have not actually played. So, I'll be coming into this as a complete beginner. Anyone who takes me in will have to bear with me as I learn the system.

I am a long-time roleplayer who has played D&D (2nd and 3rd editions), Pathfinder, Werewolf, Vampire: the Masquerade, Scion and, lately, Masks. I am more interested in the story than anything else and prefer a story-heavy, crunch-lite game. I am able to post frequently, usually one or more posts per day, except for holidays and weird exceptions due to life interference.

I have recently finished two Scion play-by-post campaigns over on G+. I am currently playing a game of Masks, there, has reared its ugly head for some of the people involved. I'm not sure how stable it is, at the moment. If it still continues, it won't interfere with me posting, here. I can easily keep track of two games at once.

Edit: I am not interested in adopting characters. I never feel comfortable trying to play a character that belonged to someone else. It's not my character. I feel constrained, like I can't stretch my legs and make the character who I want them to be.

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Mon 20 Mar 2017
at 22:10
Looking for Numenera Game
I will happily be your Game Master, if you are still looking.
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Mon 3 Apr 2017
at 23:34
Looking for Numenera Game
In reply to GC39 (msg # 2):

I'd love to play! Sorry, I just now saw the reply. If you're still willing, I'm happy to play with a group or solo. Whatever is easier for you.