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Mon 20 Mar 2017
at 19:32
Dragon Age
Having played DA: Origins recently I have the hankering to play a game of Dragon Age, using Green Ronin's Dragon Age RPG system & setting book.

I would prefer a small adventure both action and roleplay intensive, with an interesting plot, and a small group of PCs (around 4-5)
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 Roleplaying be my game!
Wed 22 Mar 2017
at 19:38
Dragon Age
I would be interested in playing as well!
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Wed 29 Mar 2017
at 14:49
Dragon Age
Still hoping someone takes this up!

I would be happy even with a two PC game with TheSnowpanther here as long as we have someone to GM it...
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Wed 29 Mar 2017
at 15:13
Dragon Age
I've had thoughts about a potential Dragon Age game, but if I did it, I'd use Dragon AGE or Fantasy AGE. Probably Fantasy AGE because I had some ideas based on a very non-canonical reading of statements like "Lyrium is alive" and The Hundred Pillars being "Massive pillars made of a strong material identified only as a "hard dust"; the material isn't stone, and is similar to a mortar" from Dragon Age Inquisition. With them being in the oldest civilization and all, plus all that business with Fen'Harel being so ancient. Trouble is that it's very non-canonical what I would do with it, and it would take place 400 years after the Inquisition, in a very different Thedas. I could totally understand if you wouldn't be interested in any of the above, or if the system is a dealbreaker for you.
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Wed 29 Mar 2017
at 15:39
Dragon Age
...well, I know I would be very interested in that, steelsmiter.