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Mon 27 Mar 2017
at 19:28
DM for Pathfinder AP - Solo Party, Mature
I'm an ambitious Swedish roleplayer, I've taken a liking to both the Pathfinder rule system and the world of Golarion and can hardly live without the stories I take part in creating in that game now! :)
I now propose a concept that I've used successfully this far. Solo Party! I'll control all the characters, you DM the campaign! We'll have a good story; good, fluid roleplaying; no player dropoff; and no delay waiting for that one specific character to log in.

I love the Adventure Paths published by Paizo (and others) for the ambitious stories - it gives so much life to the world and the story, and the excitement of following an overall campaign story is felt already in making the character. They're simply inspiring!
  • APs I've played or are familiar with:
  • Serpent's Skull
  • Curse of the Crimson Throne
  • Iron Gods
  • Giantslayer
  • Rise of the Runelords
  • Kingmaker

Pretty much any other AP would probably work well. Couple of suggestions: Mummy's Mask, Wrath of the Righteous, Skull & Shackles. If you're interested, send me an rMail or reply here - and we'll discuss it!

Ps. I believe battlemaps are important for the game, but I can help you set those up in the game if needed!

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Sat 12 Aug 2017
at 19:41
DM for Pathfinder AP - Solo Party, Mature
Making another attempt at finding this GM! :)
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Sun 13 Aug 2017
at 19:35
DM for Pathfinder AP - Solo Party, Mature
As I'm so far only DM in playing 1 player 4 characters, I do not have any quotes from characters to share. But I'll provide a sample, a prequel to a hypothesized Mummy's Mask:

"You've told me enough about all of these treasures. Sure, I'm listening. I'm in. What's the deal here?" The well dressed gnome was a foreigner, but a rather sharp one. Judging from the expensive blue-and-gold robe and the fell filled pouches at his belt, he had managed to avoid all of the many swindlers and cutpurses that surely must have targeted a rich gnome like him. The woman across the table - a young, hooded human - blew a cloud of smoke leaving a sweet scent in the air. Holding the nozzle of the hookah hose pointed at the table as if a pen, she drew up the numbers as she spoke. "The deal here, is an equal split. Four of us, four shares." Her tone was low, but the voice firm. "We need a spellcaster, you've shown me some of your tricks. We also need one with your resources. Once we hit the treasure chambers, the golden statues and the whatnots, we need protection above the surface and we need crews of workers to bring the stuff up." Leaning back, she let the nozzle rest on her lower teeth for just a moment while thinking. "But nothing before that. That's not the sort of attention we want. Not until we hit the sweet gold. Can you do that for us?" She looked at him, studied him with her dark brown eyes. The gnome looked back at her, his voice steady, his eyebrows drawn together and his whole expression matching the seriousness of the situation. "Can do." Her reply was immediate. "Good. Welcome to the Tomb Tacklers. We'll meet up tomorrow morning, right outside the Tooth & Hookah, stock up on the supplies. I have a list."

She stood up, and walked away, smiling under her hood. She got away easy, she was prepared to haggle for that share - two fifths would have been her max, and considering how hard it had been to find a wealthy sponsor, she did not expect him to accept it. Crossing spellcaster and sponsor off her list, all that was left with the preparations were the supplies.

The gnome stayed until she had left the building, then stood up and walked away. For his part, the deal had gone smoothly too. He had considered requesting a larger share, perhaps one half, just to seem credible... But that would just make things harder once they found out he had lost all the wealth he once had. Hopefully, at that time they would have gathered enough gold that he would walk away a rich man even if they made him leave the Tomb Tacklers. If not, there would be more chances. Perhaps the next team would have a better name, he thought.
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Wed 13 Sep 2017
at 06:13
DM for Pathfinder AP - Solo Party, Mature
Still interested in this!
Please, all of you overworked GMs: you're the best! But do think one more time about whether you actually want to and will enjoy starting up another game. I know how easy it is to start more and more projects, but in the end realise that it's too much...
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Wed 20 Sep 2017
at 19:57
DM for Pathfinder AP - Solo Party, Mature
Bumping this, still mostly interested in APs! :)
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Wed 25 Oct 2017
at 11:41
DM for Pathfinder AP - Solo Party, Mature
Starfinder would be awesome too!
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Sat 4 Nov 2017
at 18:36
DM for Pathfinder AP - Solo Party, Mature
Iím stable, active, loyal, and love to role play. GMs excited to experience an AP they otherwise wonít get to play, GMs wanting a game they can update a couple of times per week, GMs wanting to play these awesome paizo stories - send me an rmail! I can tell you from my own experience of GMing a game like this, that itís worth it!