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Thu 11 May 2017
at 04:10
Looking for a game
Either D&D 3.5 or palladium system. Prefer rifts, robotech, tmnt, or heroes unlimited. Please have rules for character generation in either response pm or game info
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 Love D&D,superhero games
 Not very computer savvy
Sat 20 May 2017
at 09:54
Looking for a game
Pm me. I have a low level game that could use more players.

link to another game
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Sun 21 May 2017
at 19:18
Looking for a game
I run a Rifts game, but now would be lousy time to join. On the other hand, I am just now starting a fresh Nightbane game. SonicAutumn, if that appeals, you will find some brief guidelines for PC selection in the game description. I'll send a link through private message.