Poodle Princess
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Wed 17 May 2017
at 02:14
[Pathfinder] Starry-Eyed Individual Lusts For Adventure!
From the time he was but a boy, he had a dream not too unlike others: he wanted to be a hero. To learn to use a sword, roam the lands righting wrongs, rescuing fair damsels, slaying dragons! The fame, the fortune, the glory and glamour of it all was a calling he couldn't deny. Sure, it was a common dream, and a road well traveled, but it was a big world, full of big dangers. Moreso when you're but a rat.

Hello, there, everyone. Hope your day goes well.

I'm looking for an adult Pathfinder game I can wedge myself into. RL reared its ugly head and forced me out of my last few games, but it has been quelled and my ache for adventure is burning hot. Ideally, I'd like a higher powered game - my concept of race/class is a bit counter-productive, to be honest, and that'd help mitigate my innate shortcomings. Plus, sometimes its nice to feel like an utter badass.

Solo or group games are fine.