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Thu 18 May 2017
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D&D 5E modern character
It' occurred to me, when I was reading through Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide awhile back, that the Far Traveler background could be used with modern characters as well as those that were just from far away on the same world.

Many limits would have to be set on Skills: Religion and History would be for the wrong world and there would be no way to learn Arcana. The rest could be learned, although Sleight of Hand might need an explanation (the Really Big Book of Magic could cover that, of course). They can be learned later, of course, using a feat gained through experience in the new world.

Most classes take too much training as well, including most spell casting classes, and anything with Martial Weapons or any Armor. This also eliminates Rogue, although there are other reasons.

The last exclusion, is, of course, Non human bloodlines, like Dragons back in there, somewhere.

For classes/paths from the PHB this leaves:
-Wild Magic Sorcerer
-Elemental Path Monk (years of Saturday afternoon karate classes can give the basics of monk style fighting, and the Elementalist restricts higher combat skills, and can be explained as a bit of innate sorcery ability.
-Warlock (Blade or Chain. This is all granted ability, presumably from a patron that arranged the transit between worlds. The Light Armor is a bit of an issue, but if Blade pact warlocks can have a changing Martial Weapon use ability granted, Light armor shouldn't be a stretch.

If Unearthed Arcana is used, there are more Sorcerer powers sources available (including Shadow, which works well with D20 Modern's Shadow plane link between the worlds), as well as a Warlock power source (as opposed to a Patron): Undying Light.

Even SCAG's Undead powered warlocks would work, if the summoner was a really potent Lich or the like.

I'm open to which class/path option, but I'd like to find a game and DM that might humor me and let me try it out.
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Sun 21 May 2017
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D&D 5E modern character
There are some ways around your restrictions. A modern character with police or military training, or a reenactor type, could well qualify for light or even heavier armour proficiency. A wilderness guide could probably qualify for a spell-less Ranger (I think that archetype was released through Unearthed Arcana recently?) as well.