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Sat 5 Aug 2017
at 18:06
Tenra Bansho Zero
I'm looking for a GM to run a game of Tenra Bansho Zero: Heaven and Earth Edition. I'm intrigued by the game and system, and like the look of the setting. Long-time anime fan looking to understand the TBZ system.
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Sun 6 Aug 2017
at 20:33
Tenra Bansho Zero
I would also be eager to play.
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Sun 10 Sep 2017
at 05:57
Tenra Bansho Zero
Still hoping to play this one.
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Sun 10 Sep 2017
at 08:24
Tenra Bansho Zero
I have the game and I tried it out once, I don't have a lot of experience with it, but if you'll have me, I'll gladly GM a game.

RL will be keeping me busy until next month, though, but if you don't find another GM  by then, we can start something in October.
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Mon 11 Sep 2017
at 02:45
Tenra Bansho Zero
I have a Tenra Bansho Zero character I'd like to play, and some limited experience with the game.

For a tiny bit of advice on how to better understand the system, TBZ is less inspired by anime and more by kabuki theater. It's very showy and over the top, and the game mechanics acknowledge and invite audience participation in a way many anime-themed games don't, simply because audience participation isn't part of their medium. The TBZ rules call this out in a few places surrounding the Aiki economy. It's basically a form of cheering for the actors, rather than the characters. Very cool concept. Led me to watching a documentary on kabuki to get a better idea on a few of the terms and ideas they use in the game.
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Tue 12 Sep 2017
at 21:50
Tenra Bansho Zero
I would also love to play. Did a quick test the waters play here and it was really good.

If you find one please send me a rmail.
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Wed 4 Oct 2017
at 13:24
Tenra Bansho Zero

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