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Mon 7 Aug 2017
at 13:02
Adult Fantasy Game
I've tried GMing adult games, and haven't quite got the hang of introducing the adult aspects. So I'd like to see how other GMs do it.

Almost everything about the following negotiable.

I'd like to explore a character's sexuality, dark secrets, and fears. A nearly no holds barred game of mortal desire and adventure.

I want to play a highly armored, mounted knight/samurai/paladin type character, with a propensity to barfighting when bored, and helping the needy when he fgiths.

He's a flawed hero, that wants to do the right thing but only occasionally does.

I'd like this game to be in one of the following systems (since I know them best).

D&D 3.5 or 4.0; Exalted 1e/2e/2.5; dX (This system is mostly preferred and it's legally free as a pdf!); or BESM 2e Revised.

I don't mind solo play as long as I have some clear plot hooks. I need some prodding quite often, though I can occasionally trailblaze my own path. If it's group I'd like it to be with PCs that have shared connection. I want to be a team, not antagonistic toward each other.

I would like the GM to have a strong female NPC that has vested interest in my character, as an initial contact. Maybe a liege, maybe a warrior princess, maybe a mentor, maybe just a wealthy individual who wants to have a loyal mercenary.

Hopefully this wasn't too much to read. Thanks for thinking of me!
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Mon 7 Aug 2017
at 15:55
Adult Fantasy Game
I think an adult 3.5 game would be very interesting to play. Count me in if it ends up being that system (I'm not familiar with the others).