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Tue 8 Aug 2017
at 22:36
Old/Odd Games
I'm a huge fan of a number of old niche games. There are two I would love a chance to play as I've only ever run them. Not that I've run them in years, but still.

Published by Avalon Hill, we have Tom Moldvay's Lords of Creation. Published in 1983, it was the first genre hopping game that I know of and while it was simple and camp, I loved it. Three of his five planned adventures were published and some support material appeared in Avalon Hill's Heroes magazine.

Published by SkyRealms Publishing in 1984, we have Skyrealms of Jorune. I love the 2nd edition revised version of the game. The 3rd edition was published by Chessex in 1992 and you can still buy the rule book and supplements through them although they don't advertise it.

If anyone wants to run either of those, I would love to play!