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Thu 10 Aug 2017
at 16:13
Adult themed Fantasy Small Group
I would like either a powerful free form or highlevel 3.5 or P/F game. Either one on one or small group - no more than 6 players. Social heavy, combat light is my preference. Perhaps something magic-spy oriented? Perhaps kingdom building? I am open to your suggestions but here are mine:
Min 12th level - the characters should be real movers and shakers;
Gestalt preferred - but I will accept P/F alternate multiclassing rules or single class if you prefer;
Min 60% social RP - 25% puzzles and mysteries, 15% combat, but adjusting up puzzles and social is fine;
No Rude PCs! - This is non-negotiable. If a PC cannot exercise a minimal courtesy and respect to others that character does not belong in a multiplayer game.
If you wish to discuss this please rmail me, I would be happy to brainstorm plot ideas with you or just chat while you get things up and running.