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Thu 10 Aug 2017
at 16:13
Adult themed Fantasy Small Group
I would like either a powerful free form or highlevel 3.5 or P/F game. Either one on one or small group - no more than 6 players. Social heavy, combat light is my preference. Perhaps something magic-spy oriented? Perhaps kingdom building? I am open to your suggestions but here are mine:
Min 12th level - the characters should be real movers and shakers;
Gestalt preferred - but I will accept P/F alternate multiclassing rules or single class if you prefer;
Min 60% social RP - 25% puzzles and mysteries, 15% combat, but adjusting up puzzles and social is fine;
No Rude PCs! - This is non-negotiable. If a PC cannot exercise a minimal courtesy and respect to others that character does not belong in a multiplayer game.
If you wish to discuss this please rmail me, I would be happy to brainstorm plot ideas with you or just chat while you get things up and running.
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Mon 28 Aug 2017
at 09:34
Adult themed Fantasy Small Group
For the benefit of anyone else to read this, I would be willing to run a kingdom management game with less than 10% combat. About 30% puzzles and 60% social scenes.

The concept would be that the PCs are part of a kingdom's council. Mysterious towers and deathtraps has sprung up over the country-side. The PCs would have political sway as well as responsibility. All would know each other (as well as about 12 other NPC councilmembers) and the PC portion and two of the NPCs would be sent to investigate these towers, and if not sovereign claimed, to dispatch the threats they pose and renovate them to royal functions.

Some of these towers would be empty, some filled with traps, some with alien entities both predisposed against the PCs. Of these towers, you would make private bases or make them public serve buildings to help the kingdom thrive and spread.

It would be very Indiana Jones (Raiders to Last Crusade anyway) meets King Arthur's Court. The PCs would not have to be knights per say, but would have equivalent prestige.

PCs that are snarky, loners or derogatory would be reported by another player and voted on a warning given or outright expulsion.

Sexual content is much more likely than gory content in this game, though there may occasionally be call for the latter.
Does that sound about right?
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Mon 28 Aug 2017
at 22:44
Adult themed Fantasy Small Group
I for one, would absolutely love that concept.