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Sat 12 Aug 2017
at 03:39
Seeking PbtA Borderlands
I've got another post up here looking for something similar, but decided on a separate post for this separate idea. There's a small Powered By the Apocalypse game out there called No Rest for the Wicked, designed for use with the Borderlands universe (videogame series of first person "shoot'n'loot" action/RPGs). I want to play my Siren, preferably not on the planet Pandora.

PDF can be found here:

If adhering to the game's plot, then post-Borderlands 2 would be ideal, opening up Vault locations all over the Six Galaxies. A different Border World would be nice.

Any GMs out there familiar with Apocalypse World, Borderlands, and interested in running a game combining the two?

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