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Tue 12 Sep 2017
at 03:07
Eladrin Bard of Whispers Seeks King to Unseat (5e)
Just saw the new Eladrin subrace and I was interested in playing in an intrigue based game. I prefer a small group (no more then 2 other players) and was heavily interested in the College of Whispers (or perhaps a warlock of sorts as a second choice).

As far as my own experience, I've played DnD since 2007, and have played off and on on RPoL since 2009 (or so). I work a desk job so I often can post multiple times per day, but some days do get busy. I've played in a solo game that ended up with about 500 posts in the first week, and I've played in groups that are several months in and still under 300. I tend to prefer a little more of a conversational writing style, with more posts that are a little shorter, especially mid scene.