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Wed 13 Sep 2017
at 17:25
Pathfinder Game starting lvl 6
I have a few character ideas for Pathfinder starting around lvl 6 and I've been itching to try at least one of them out... not so much for optimization but for the potential RP.

I can do solo, or I can be part of a group.

Alternatively, I have a basic a idea for a game, but I would need at least one co-gm to help me.  All the characters work for/are members of an Assassin's Guild.  Officially, the guild doesn't exist.  Unofficially, we get more than half our work from the government.
Would anyone be interested?
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Thu 14 Sep 2017
at 04:48
Pathfinder Game starting lvl 6
I'd be happy to play in a sixth level group, or co-gm the assassin's guild game