Sir Swindle
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Sun 17 Sep 2017
at 16:47
Are there any GM's out there for a Godbound game?
Don't really care if it is the stock setting or something custom.

I read through it a while ago but I haven't seen a game of it pop up anywhere. The rules are free online (legitimately).
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Sun 17 Sep 2017
at 16:50

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Mon 18 Sep 2017
at 03:36
I've never played it but I'd like too.
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Mon 18 Sep 2017
at 14:53
I'd also be interested. I joined one back around the time the rules were first released, but it fizzled right out of the gate.
Sir Swindle
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Wed 11 Oct 2017
at 12:50
Still looking. Seems like there are at least 3 players bored enough to check the W-DM section.
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 Goodbye Moonmen
Thu 12 Oct 2017
at 23:29
One day... One day someone will start a godbound game that goes anywhere...
 member, 238 posts
Fri 13 Oct 2017
at 19:11
Make that 4 players interested.
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Sun 15 Oct 2017
at 03:39
And then there were five... ah-ha-ha.
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Wed 18 Oct 2017
at 10:20
I have a game I prepared for another site (text chat based game sessions) that would be an instant 'port over to RPOL if people are interested.  I'll post the info below and if it sounds any good, we can move forward with a game here.

For Godbound, I find that a character needs to be heavily detailed so that PLOT can happen to them and that 'things' matter for them.  Otherwise its just dungeoncrawl after dungeoncrawl. So, like superheroes, the Godbound in a game I run will need backstory and stuff.  Especially since the game opens with them actually getting their powers as the first act.

Anyway... GODBOUND: When it rains blood...

In the Pale City, ancient laws mandated by a fallen god ensure that all the buildings are raised in stark, white limestone. Ivory carvings of religious figures dot the cobbled streets. High towers gleam in the daylight and cast long shadows beneath them. The thoroughfares throng with people going about their business. The merchants chatter about the upcoming coronation, the noble women gossip about the coming royal wedding. Children fight with sticks in mock battles, mimicking the coming tournament of swords. But slowly, one and all turn their eyes to the heavens.

Clouds roll across the blue sky, turning the world dark - a mistimed twilight that does not seem natural. Thunder rumbles across the heavens though, only a moment before, the sky was clear and bright. The vapours of the sky boil and churn, angry at the surface world. A lone figure atop Temple Hill raises his twisted arm in a salute of power, uttering the final word of a spell...

And the cloud spills blood down on the gleaming white city. Crimson rain comes down in sheets, in a torrent. Those outside are drenched in a second, screaming and shouting fills the rivers of blood that spring up between buildings as everyone scrambles for cover. The limestone runs brown with the fluid, staining its once pristine visage, making it resemble the bleeding gums of a diseased mouth than the once divine residence of a god.

And in the rain, five ordinary people are frozen as something inside them changes... They feel a divine spark turn from kindling to a bonfire. They feel divinity enter their bones and irrevocably change them. Five Godbbound are born.

Sir Swindle
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Fri 20 Oct 2017
at 02:14
If you build it they will come.
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Fri 20 Oct 2017
at 13:27
Lets see... The game is rated general and is found here.  I'll give the people who have posted here preferential treatment if they send an RTJ in the next few days.