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Tue 10 Oct 2017
at 13:32
Wanted: Group or 1X1 Horror, Sci Fi, Japan, anything else
I'm looking for a single game to play in. Currently I'd prefer Mature but will consider others if I like them. Please rmail me if you have a game idea:-

One sentence to describe me.

A male metal head horror loving geek who occasionally roleplays and is learning Japanse.

What I like.

Supernatural Horror
Space opera
General science fiction
Japanese settings (real modern or historical Japan, not anime / manga).

What I don't like.

Slasher style horror
Furry Fandom
Bog standard zombie horror (overdone IMHO)
Twilight style vampires (There's nothing romantic about having your blood drained from you)
Cannon characters (I'm OC all the way!)

What I'll Try.

Anything not listed above.

Current cravings.

Something Lovecraftean
Any space opera style games.
Feudal Japan

Preferred Systems.

Freeform (much preferred)
Chaoism Call of Cthulhu
Will also consider any other system. I have experience with quite a few of the older ones.

When I'm Online and How Frequent I Can Post.

(All times are in U.K. Times - GMT+1)

Monday - Friday 7:00 a.m. to 8.30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. to 2.00 p.m
1-2 posts a day maximum. This is in between learning Japanese (currently Hiragana) so please be patient with me.

Other stuff.

I'm a fan of H.P.Lovecraft

I've read a few of Dean Koontz books.

I like female fronted heavy metal bands and singers including Lacey Sturm, Midnassol and Lacuna Coil

I'm also very fond of female fronted asian heavy metal bands. Especially Yousei Teikoku

I'm learning Japanese. Its a very slow process for me as I'm terrible with languages.

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Tue 10 Oct 2017
at 22:19
Wanted: Group or 1X1 Horror, Sci Fi, Japan, anything else
Just decided I have a taste for a game that continues where the last season of Dark Matter left ofF - with the black ships on their way into our universe. I normally avoid cannon characters but for this one Id make an exception. I was gutted when I heard there wasnt going to be a season 4.