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Tue 10 Oct 2017
at 18:34
Shadow of the Demon Lord
Hey, I would really like to play in a Shadow of the Demon Lord game, preferably starting at level 1 or higher (no level 0 games please). The game & system is almost perfect for a pbp format, with only 10 levels and swift resolution of systems and conflicts.

The type of game I would like is something dark and gritty, perhaps with some horror elements thrown in. High on roleplaying yet also with a substantial amount of hack and slash. I would prefer a moderate number of players, no more than 5. A good way to do this might be a mission type structure, with each thread taking up a separate mission/adventure, and the party could be a band of mercenaries working for whoever pays the most. Sort of like the Black Company maybe...

The class/path I am interested in is Magician as a novice path, with expert path to be decided if it comes to it.
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Tue 10 Oct 2017
at 20:30
Shadow of the Demon Lord
Another SotDL fan here, would definitely be up for playing in this game!
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 Better The Devil ...
 ... You Know???
Wed 11 Oct 2017
at 09:15
Shadow of the Demon Lord
Looks interesting.  I have never played it before, but looking over Character Creation, it looks like something I might very well enjoy.
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Wed 18 Oct 2017
at 19:17
Shadow of the Demon Lord
Another SotDL fan here! I'd be willing to GM.

I quite like the level 0 system, but I'd be willing to start at level 1 if you want.

I would allow content from the Core Rulebook and the Demon Lord's Companion only, as these are the books I am familiar with.

I expect players to post daily, as "just post whenever" games are destined to fall apart.

If you're interested, please send me an RTJ here:

link to another game