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Mon 6 Nov 2017
at 11:31
It's Another "Run Pathfinder, plz" ad.

From the outside, the lives of people who reside in one of the major cities must be so splendid. So many people, so much traffic, exotic people and things around every corner, and always a new story. From within the walls, it's much less glorious. Prejudice, crime, the poor barely scraping by and the rich abusing those desperate to eek out a living.

This tale follows once such person on the bottom of a big city. A young ratfolk from a struggling family with starry eyes and big dreams. He longs to set out and see the world, helping those in need and showing the world that there's more to him and his people than stereotypes or misplaced fears. He wants to help his family out of that tiny hovel they're crammed into and into a life that isn't a struggle from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed.

In his way? Inexperience, both with the world outside and with a blade; no silver tongue and no gold-laden pouch. Those who simply fear others for being different, and those preconceived notions based on what he is rather than who he is. Cons wanting to make a buck off of a young man's naivete and earnest nature. Thugs looking for an easy mark. Even his older brother, gone rogue and leaning into the underfoot and pest/vermin stereotype people like to apply to bully, rob, and intimidate the world around him for selfish gain at the detriment of everyone else around - family included.

Will he be successful and leave his mark on the world, a big name attached to such a tiny footprint in the sands of time and in old, dusty history books? Will he fail to the hazards of the lifestyle and be another drop of blood in the vicious cycle of would-be heroes? Or will he crawl home, broken and defeated, and give in to his life and the impossibility of so much change for a boy so small? Come, let us find out together!

I've had this character sitting around since my DM wanted to try out Rise of the Runelords. Several full party wipes and full module restarts later, my heroic ratfolk swashbuckler idea came to me in a flash of desperation... and was brutally snuffed out almost as fast before I could truly stretch his legs. But, I was in love with the little guy! I wrote backstory, plot, layers and layers of who he was, what was his life, and what he would do moving forward... only to have him die in several grisly ways before the full party lost their life, and our players, their spirit.

We've never finished the module after a year of weekly sessions and ever-growing meta-knowledge. But, that's neither here nor there!

I want to trot my little hero out. Give me a world that could use one more hero - either on his own or with other like-minded individuals - and let us see if he can change anything for the better, or if his grisly fates were my sign to let him lie where we buried him and move on with my character stable.


Ideally seeking a Mature rated game - can't access adult yet! - with a daily posting rate. Everything else is up to discussion.

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Tue 14 Nov 2017
at 13:43
It's Another "Run Pathfinder, plz" ad.
Gonna bump this up as no one has shown interest in helping me live my dreams.
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Tue 14 Nov 2017
at 17:46
It's Another "Run Pathfinder, plz" ad.
I know Pathfinder games get a deluge of RTJ's but I'd be glad to join you on your quest MinervaPepper as a fellow player.
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Wed 15 Nov 2017
at 17:42
It's Another "Run Pathfinder, plz" ad.
I really like the sound of your character and your proposal for this game. I'd love to give the little guy a chance to have an adventure of his own.

I'm assuming from the sound of things that you'd be okay with the game being set in Golarion? We can do a homebrew world or other published setting if you'd prefer, of course.

Would you want the game to be exclusively urban-based, taking place entirely within the same city; or would you prefer that it be a more picaresque, traveling-across-the-land sort of adventure?

1st level, with you and tehwanderer to begin with, and room for more to join if others apply but no more than four players altogether - does that sound good to you?
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Thu 16 Nov 2017
at 14:55
It's Another "Run Pathfinder, plz" ad.
In reply to muledonkey (msg # 4):

Oh, thank the Gods for you. I was beginning to lose hope.

As far as the world goes, I'm good with anything. Just everything of his background was set from his home in the one campaign I got to use him in - which for him was the setting of Golarion, where he hailed from Magnamar.

I am quite a fan of the traveling hero. I do prefer urban to things like forests and what have you - or, Gods forbid, the damnable sea - but I'm by no means locked to one area. Let's see what there is out there!

Your game sounds great to me, muledonkey. Thanks again for coming around.
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Thu 16 Nov 2017
at 17:50
It's Another "Run Pathfinder, plz" ad.
Great! Let's begin the game in Magnimar and see where things take us from there.

I'll set the game up so we can get started; in the meantime, would you rMail me what you have written up for your ratfolk's background? I'd like to look through it for details to aid me in coming up with hooks, NPCs, etc.