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Sun 26 Nov 2017
at 02:18
Low-level PCs with Artifacts & Major Magic Items(D&D 5/3.5)
I've been thinking that I've rarely if ever played a campaign long enough to actually get my hands on an artifact (Or any other cool magic item). Folding boats, wings of the manta ray, flying carpets, holy avengers, flame tongues, all of them are considered too cool for you while you are low level, yet by the time you are tall enough to play with them, the game falls under its own weight.

So I've been thinking, why not ask for a game where magic items aren't the sole province of kings and demigods? Why not play in a game where artifacts are the start of the road instead of the finish line?

So basically can a DM out there run a game where each low level PC starts play with an artifact or very rare magic item?. One where the goal isn't to acquire the items but to keep them safe and out of the wrong hands?

I know there are potential pitfalls but possible ideas:

-start low-level and don't level up ever?
-keep stuff to core-only (3.5)?
-tier 2- only?(3.5)
-no feats no multiclassing? (5e)
-PHB+1 only?(5e)
-PHB only? (5e)
-srd only? (5e)
-Basic Only? (5e)

In general I'm also looking for a small party from day 1 game. In my experience when there are over five PCs game play becomes a soliloquy when everybody acts like they are in a solo game and ignore each other.

Thank you

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Sun 26 Nov 2017
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Want to own a staff of Magi for once?(D&D 5/3.5)
In a Play-By-Post environment, you can be sure you will never go that far to actually own an artifact or significant magic item.

In 8 years since i first played in a forum based game, i never managed to finish a single one due to either the players or the GM going AWOL.

So my expectations are never high when i join a new game.

That said if this turns out to be a 3.5 game i would love to have a chance to play.

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Sun 26 Nov 2017
at 06:16
Want to own a staff of Magi for once?(D&D 5/3.5)
why not just play in a high level game (or request a high level game)
I agree that I would play if it is 3.5 but I can't imagine running a game like that as I don't have the experience running dnd sadly
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Sun 26 Nov 2017
at 15:14
Want to own a staff of Magi for once?(D&D 5/3.5)
Generally, lower level games are easier to manage is the sentiment here I believe. An interesting idea. A good spin on the low-level game because there has been a ton of those.
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Tue 3 Apr 2018
at 23:39
Want to own a staff of Magi for once?(D&D 5/3.5)
I'm still looking. Kinda, sorta, but yes anybody wants to run this?
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Wed 4 Apr 2018
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Want to own a staff of Magi for once?(D&D 5/3.5)
All of the items you listed are OK at level 7-ish, which I would hardly call a high level game. While it's true that play-by-post games tend to implode before you gain seven levels, starting at fifth or seventh level isn't absurd; you just have to find someone who isn't shy about seeding the magic items into the treasure hoards you will come across.
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Thu 5 Apr 2018
at 01:41
Want to own a staff of Magi for once?(D&D 5/3.5)
My idea is closer to "just have them from the start" than having to "earn" them. Not that I wouldn't prefer playing long enough to gain these the normal way, but at this point I'm more in the mindset of wanting to have them and getting to use them it doesn't matter if my PC is a level 1 adept or commoner, the point is to experiment them to have them be more than purely inspirational reading. Because, well, so far I have only happened to get cheaper items as starting gear in a few 3.5 games and beyond that only bags of holding and other underwhelming items in 5e, without ever getting a truly inspiring item (I found a cool bow once in a 2e campaign, but I had to leave before getting to fire it even once).

It doesn't have to be an epic story, or a huge open world sandbox. A simple one-shot, a moderate length module a third of LMoP or many short ones would be cool.

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Thu 5 Apr 2018
at 19:07
Want to own a staff of Magi for once?(D&D 5/3.5)
I guess I need some more clarification.

Are you just wanting a game where you have items since the game you have played in  apparently never hands out magic items?

I have experienced that before, in face to face because my friends would never run a published adventure so you would end up with a ring that does a 1dd firebolt once a day at level 8. It SUCKS because you are still fighting  CR 8 creatures with literally the same equipment you started with with maybe  one or two level 1 equiv magic items,

or are you just wanting to be over powered at level 1 running around with what equats to a level 18 slave wizard in an items?

I want to give you the benefit of the doubt and lean more towards you want the former as opposed to the latter?
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Thu 5 Apr 2018
at 20:32
Want to own a staff of Magi for once?(D&D 5/3.5)
I hadn't thought of it that way, really. The idea of low level is so the game is easier to DM, and well because the focus is on the items not on higher level abilities. (Just rest assured that I sometimes ask for permission to roll using straight 3d6 or to just plain drop certain stats to near nothingness in order to have a character I find relatable. If there is a chance to trade power for flavor I'll pick flavor every time. Also I prefer support characters so no, munchkinism is not mt thing)

Basically the magic item section is the most underused part of the DMG, these items (Major items/rare-legendary) are incredibly inviting and quite cool (except perhaps sovereign glue and universal solvent). At least they read that way. I've never gotten to play with any of them ever, and likely never will if something doesn't change. All I want is a good enough taste of them, not just with my own character but also by seeing them being used by teammates. (and I'm certainly not in the mood for chasing a plain +1 sword that might never come anymore)

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Fri 6 Apr 2018
at 19:54
Want to own a staff of Magi for once?(D&D 5/3.5)
This does sound like fun.

If you just want to get some fun in let's do it. I would be willing to run a few encounters. I am only game for dnd 5e though. Let's say pick any 2 magic items start somewhere around level 3-5.

I think it would also be fun to theme the encounter and build the character for it. Say demon, giant, dragon or ect.

Can we get some interested without posting in players wanted? You can message me in a game set up to do all the things you have never got to do in other games.

link to another game