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Tue 28 Nov 2017
at 05:22
Co-GM for D&D 5e Frontier building [Adult]
I am restarting a game and looking for another GM or two to help me run it. The idea is that the PCs will be founding/settling a frontier town and it will be RP heavy. There will be occasional quests/adventures that they can go on. I don't have a strict limit on the number of PCs accepted but imagine it will be a dozen or more depending on interest.

Check it out link to another game

I started this once before and it went well, but my job situation changed abruptly and I had to move to a location with limited/no internet access. I ended up having to drop the game after a few thousand posts. Well I am back and have changed careers so this will not happen again.

Most of the interaction will be PC to PC so there will not be a significant amount of NPCing.

I need help with the below and you are welcome to take 1 or more jobs. You can also run a player if you want albeit with some limitations, and some benefits for the work you put in as a GM.
  • Running adventures
  • Making maps (will try to convince a player to do this)
  • Special Events in Town
  • Running 2 main NPCs
  • Checking Character Sheets and other odd jobs

The game will be flagged adult.

Is anyone interested in helping? R-mail me or PM me in the game.

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Tue 5 Dec 2017
at 16:46
Co-GM for D&D 5e Frontier building [Adult]
I have one co-GM who will be helping point with town events, I would like another to help as well. Please let me know what you are interested in and we can find a place for you.

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Wed 13 Dec 2017
at 17:54
Co-GM for D&D 5e Frontier building [Adult]
Our first major town level event is going on, and players are scrambling. I could still use another DM. Please don't let the business info or other pieces intimidate you, you don't have to deal with any of it if you don't want to. I am looking for someone to run short adventures for the PCs and/or NPC 1-2 important people.

If you have not DMed before and are looking to try your hand I will help you and guide you through the process. This is a great environment to learn in.

Also you can run a PC too if you want.

Rmail me or PM me in game by sending a RTJ just noting that you want to DM.