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Tue 28 Nov 2017
at 05:22
Co-GM for D&D 5e Mini Quests [Adult]
I am starting a game and looking for another GM or two to help me run it. The idea is that the PCs will be founding/settling a frontier town and it will be RP heavy. There will be occasional quests/adventures that they can go on. I don't have a strict limit on the number of PCs accepted but imagine it will be a dozen or more depending on interest.

Check it out link to another game

I started this once before and it went well, but my job situation changed abruptly and I had to move to a location with limited/no internet access. I ended up having to drop the game after a few thousand posts. Well I am back and have changed careers so this will not happen again.

Most of the interaction will be PC to PC so there will not be a significant amount of NPCing.

I need help with the below and you are welcome to take 1 or more jobs. You can also run a player if you want albeit with some limitations, and some benefits for the work you put in as a GM.
  • Running adventures
  • Making maps (will try to convince a player to do this)
  • Special Events in Town
  • Running 2 main NPCs
  • Checking Character Sheets and other odd jobs

The game will be flagged adult.

Is anyone interested in helping? R-mail me or PM me in the game.

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Tue 5 Dec 2017
at 16:46
Co-GM for D&D 5e Frontier building [Adult]
I have one co-GM who will be helping point with town events, I would like another to help as well. Please let me know what you are interested in and we can find a place for you.

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Wed 13 Dec 2017
at 17:54
Co-GM for D&D 5e Frontier building [Adult]
Our first major town level event is going on, and players are scrambling. I could still use another DM. Please don't let the business info or other pieces intimidate you, you don't have to deal with any of it if you don't want to. I am looking for someone to run short adventures for the PCs and/or NPC 1-2 important people.

If you have not DMed before and are looking to try your hand I will help you and guide you through the process. This is a great environment to learn in.

Also you can run a PC too if you want.

Rmail me or PM me in game by sending a RTJ just noting that you want to DM.
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Thu 21 Dec 2017
at 00:45
Co-GM for D&D 5e Frontier building [Adult]

We have 3 GMs now and things are going great. Come join the fun.
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Sun 28 Jan 2018
at 21:03
Co-GM for D&D 5e Frontier building [Adult]
Okay, we are back down to 2 GMs and I could use some help with someone to help run an NPC or two on getting the town laid out. I could also use someone willing to run short quests, or adventures, we haven an amazing pool of players, I just need more help with running it all.
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Mon 5 Feb 2018
at 04:41
Co-GM for D&D 5e Frontier building [Adult]
Major events are over for a bit and we have several quests starting up. I need help with running the side adventures. These are encounters or short adventures for 1-6 players. Some involve combat and others will not.

I would be happy to teach you how or work with you if you are learning how to be a DM. This is a great way to get your feet wet with established players who will make it easy on you, and someone to help if you need it.

Or, if you have loads of experience, this is the perfect gig. You can flex your creativity and scratch that itch to try out an encounter while I manage the minutia of background stuff and provide willing and interesting players.

In either case, you can write encounters or I can write them whichever you prefer.
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Thu 15 Feb 2018
at 19:21
Co-GM for D&D 5e Frontier building [Adult]
Still looking for another GM to help out. This could be as much or as little involved as you want.