Bod Man
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Tue 28 Nov 2017
at 20:03
Tiger and Bunny
If you haven't seen this show, go and watch it now! I'll wait...

Welcome back - now you see that this would be a FANTASTIC setup for a superhero game. Reality TV, corporate sponsors, a little bit of humor and a little bit of action, a made-up amalgam city possibly set in an anachronistic time period.

I see this as a different world from T&B - no need to include the canon characters.

What makes a hero a hero?

Why are there only superheroes in this one city?

How can I do good AND get my ratings up?

System: I'd love to see this done with an AW game. Cortex (MHR) would also work, though original characters are difficult. Nothing too crunchy or rules heavy (like M&M, Champions, or GURPS). Maybe even the Cortex Smallville system.

I need a good superhero game. Someone help me out!