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Sat 2 Dec 2017
at 00:15
The Vrocketeers are looking for a Coach
We are looking for a GM willing to run some kind of crazy, high-level, D&D 3.5 shenanigans. The idea is a trio of Vrock Bards aspiring to reach the National level of break dancing competition. Or at least something like that.

Not explicitly an "Evil Campaign." Forgotten Realms would be shiny, but really so would fun things like setting it against Sigil antics or the Blood War. I am 100% on board with playing a Vrock Bard dancer, the other two folks in on this seem excited, but I wouldn't fault them if they wanted to play something somewhat different when all was said and done.

Ideally, something broken like "gestalt"-ing the 10 RHD with Class levels and then accounting for the LA somehow (Vrocks are ECL 18, so the 'high-level' bit would be a thing).