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Tue 19 Dec 2017
at 20:08
Dr. Doom Takes On The World!
So, I've been a big Dr. Doom fan for a very long time.

I decided to put him together as a character for 3.5, and I think he's pretty spot on... and now I'd like to play him. He is a level 20 character.

But, as I thought about it, I figured making it interesting would be awesome, so...

What I was thinking was not a solo-game, but rather a combination Solo game, where I get to play Doom, who was banished/trapped in some "Forgotten Realms". Of course he would attempt to get back to Latveria, but not before taking whatever power he deemed worth his interest, crushing any who were foolish enough to get in his way, and of course getting vengeance on whatever force that banished/trapped him.

Given that this could take place in Eberron or Faerun, Dragonlance, etc., it makes sense that there might be a team of adventurers that would encounter Doom, become enemies or pawns, etc. To that end, I think it would great to have both a heroic and evil group.

For those groups, I think it would be great to start them off as low-level. Doom isn't a murderer. He's a misunderstood hero, and he would have no direct knowledge of the player characters. In fact, he'd have no real knowledge of this world he was trapped in, so I think a clever DM could make this ships passing in the night, interesting encounters, etc.

Of course, to do this right, it needs a DM like you.

Any takers?
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Thu 21 Dec 2017
at 19:42
Dr. Doom Takes On The World!
Self-Bumping because I'm honestly surprised nobody else thinks this is as awesome an idea as I do. :p
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Tue 26 Dec 2017
at 17:32
Dr. Doom Takes On The World!
Self-Bumping for CHRISTMAS!
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Sun 31 Dec 2017
at 15:07
Dr. Doom Takes On The World!
Bumping for new years!
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Sun 31 Dec 2017
at 20:32
Dr. Doom Takes On The World!
Just wanted to say that I think that this is a neat idea. I wouldn't be able to run it - not in DnD - but I could see doing it in Fate or something, with the general premise being "characters from the Marvel universe transported into a fantasy realm."

That's not what you're going for at all, I know, but I just wanted to drop a line and say that you'd inspired me. :)
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Tue 2 Jan 2018
at 15:47
Dr. Doom Takes On The World!
In reply to Faceplant (msg # 5):

Well, I have not played Fate, but hit me up if you run it cause I'd be willing to learn. That's awesome.

But yes, I am really hankering for this in 3.5. It just feels right!
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Fri 5 Jan 2018
at 00:20
Dr. Doom Takes On The World!
Bumping for DOOM!
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Sun 7 Jan 2018
at 16:59
Dr. Doom Takes On The World!
Never gonna give you up.