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Mon 1 Jan 2018
at 15:42
Helping me learn
I've picked up a couple of different RPG systems over the past few years in hopes that I could get a group going for them either in person or in RPOL to date, and I'd like to find someone who wouldn't mind running something for me.

Exalted 3rd Edition: Have a character built out already, and have some 2nd edition experience, but would like to really give this a shot to see if the character I built really makes sense.

Iron Kingdoms: I did some Warmachine mini's for a little bit and though I never got too involved with it beyond painting the figures, the setting is still very interesting to me, so I bough the Iron Kingdoms RPG system, but haven't really done anything with it.

Starfinder: Just recently received this as a christmas gift and would like to find a person or group to crack this open with.

FATE: I did a Mass Effect FATE two-shot with some friends a few years back and enjoyed how the system works but didn't feel really confident in  my understanding of it to run a group again.

Star Wars Force of Destiny: Enjoyed the heck out of Star Wars Saga Edition, and picked this up, but never got the momentum to actually play it.
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Tue 9 Jan 2018
at 13:56
Helping me learn
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Sun 21 Jan 2018
at 12:12
Helping me learn
Still hoping there's someone out there that can do one of the above.