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Thu 18 Jan 2018
at 13:16
Variety of requests
I'm in the mood for a new game, but I can't handle any more GMing right now so I'll need someone else to do the honors.  I would very much prefer to be part of a new game, or at most to join in one that's still close to the beginning, than to jump into a game that's been going for a while.  Games I would like include:

Ars Magica 5e (but without spending a month of RL putting the covenant together)
Earthdawn (I only have the 2005 Red Brick edition; if we're playing one of the later ones I'll need help with the edition changes)
Eclipse Phase
more or less anything Fate (although I don't have the Dresden books, so I would need help for that particular game)
Monster of the Week
Warhammer 2e