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Sun 21 Jan 2018
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Free form game
Hello everyone.

I posted something like the following in the beginners forum and was advised to come here.

I am looking for a game (preferably fantasy based, but I would enjoy sci-fi too) that is very focused on the writing component and is original. I don't mind something that is based  on an already-established universe such as Lord of the Rings for example, but it would be ideal not to be confined to a pre-established universe.

So, I guess my preferred game would be something that is almost akin to a collection of people writing a story together, which is limited only by imagination. Obviously, it would have to have some type of game system to add the element of real life action and consequence that would ultimately help drive the characters.

One response described what I was looking for as a collaborative novel, which as I think about it more sounds like a good descriptions except that I am not asking for something quite so formal. I don't want to intimidate people who might not consider the,selves great writers, I am just looking for something that emphasizes the writing and creativity but is still fun.

Why don't I just start something myself? I am not overly familiar with the various gaming systems to be a DM.

Does anyone know if there is something starting or that has started and is seeking players that fits what I am looking for? Or is anyone reading this and has had his or her interest piqued to maybe start something or collaborate on starting something?

Looking forward to your replies.

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Sun 21 Jan 2018
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Free form game
Hi there!

I run a few games that might fall into this category for you, depending on your interests. I'll list them for you below. While the games are all adult-rated games, they are not necessarily rated adult for sexual content. Even games where there is sexual content, you are most welcome not to participate if that's not your thing. All of the games are plot-focused but there's also a considerable sandbox element if the current plot doesn't intrigue you. If you have any questions, please feel free to Rmail me.

Wytchwood Hollow ADULT: Wytchwood Hollow is a little village in the middle of a dark forest in a time gone by. It is a haven for all sorts of creatures that wish to live their lives without the meddling of the laws of the realm: witches, vampires, werewolves and more.

It's a well-established game but I've set it up in such a way that it's very easy to get involved in. It's highly active (I ask that all applicants commit to one post a day) and the general writing level is quite high.
The Academy for Advanced Humanity ADULT: The Academy for Advanced Humanity is a post-secondary institution for all of those people who find themselves outside the norm for their abilities. We cater to a wide range of students from all walks of life and are proud of our tradition of raising strong, supportive leaders in their respective fields.

This is a growing game that is based around a generic superhero universe - as there aren't any established heroes, it really allows you to decide which way you want to build your character.
The last option is much more like a collaborative novel, though it's between you and the GM. It's called The Story Sanctuary ADULT: The Story Sanctuary is a unique take on roleplay. It's a collection of solo roleplaying stories that are brought together in one place with a dedicated GM for any story that you can come up with.

In essence, it's basically a GM for hire: the GM will work with you collaboratively to bring a story you want to roleplay to life. Everything is tailored to the way YOU want it - your characters can be as powerful or as weak as you wish. You could play an evil character, or one destined only for good. The only limit is your imagination

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Sun 21 Jan 2018
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Free form game
Hello and welcome

I run a few games here and all are freeform, action to action, so not scripted or sandbox.  The writers/players we all weave our storylines together as we go along so it is like writing a book or adventure together.

You might be interested in my Dragonrider game: link to another game and be sure to check out the Game Info link as it explains it all.

I also run other games that I can explain to you in rmail.

Our major plus is that we are completely and very happy to help any newbies to freeform.  After all we were all new to this at one time.
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Mon 22 Jan 2018
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Free form game
In reply to ladysharlyne (msg # 3):

Thanks. I will take a look at these options. They do sound like what I am looking for.
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Mon 22 Jan 2018
at 21:30
Free form game

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Tue 23 Jan 2018
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Re: Free form game

The Story Sanctuary is an interesting concept. However, I want something a little more dynamic that doesn't lend me so much control over the story. I like multiple players and a system that will create real life consequences so the story is guided by events like life is more than a single author controlling destiny.

If that makes sense.
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Tue 23 Jan 2018
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Free form game
In reply to PaperLily (msg # 2):


Would you be able to PM an example or sample of the role playing style of Wytchwood and the Academy?
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Tue 30 Jan 2018
at 13:48
Free form game