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Sat 3 Feb 2018
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Star Trek (A Few Specific Story Ideas)
So Star Trek is always popular at the start of a game but usually which system and setting often have a good bit of debate. Basically all of them I have seen interested me but there are a few backdrops in particular I'd like to see. So those ideas follow.

Maquis Resistance:
   I would be interested in a few options here, Orion or Ferengi blockade runners providing medical supplies and weapons for the Maquis. Actual soldiers of course would be a good fit. True believers or mercenaries are equally interesting to me. Betazoid Negotiators trying to bring peace. I always felt this storyline was too big for a few episodes in TNG and to act as background filler for DS9. So I'd love to see a game with that as the main focus of the setting.

Borg Watchers:
   So the cannon storyline is that the Borg are only interested in assimilating entire civilizations and will leave an individual starship alone. A small group on an individual (or small number of ships) could follow a Borg Cube around harrying them in small ways. They could also be played as survivors like Guinan(sp?) who have dedicated their lives to finding a way to stop the Borg even if it's only one cube they could defeat. This could have a very Moby Dick feel to it.

A Different View:
   I love TNG story of following a flagship, but other ships of course would also be interesting and other cultures would have flagships as well. I'd love to play a Romulan Warbird crew for example. If Romulans are distasteful many options exist or we could stick with Romulan and tell a Voyager style story instead. As the Romulans wonder about a new area of uncharted space they become less like the stereotypical Romulans and more....independent.

Dominion War:
   I love the feel of the unifying effect of a powerful common enemy. Seeing old enemies, or rivals work together is almost always a good story. War is also an effective way to build tension in the game even if the war is not front and center. This could be similar to the A Different View concept where the players are abord a powerful Romulan or Klingon (or whoever) ship. Or it could be a group of cadets and relatively inexperienced crew who are on an old out dated ship, far from the front lines but find their way into serious combat anyway somehow playing a big role in a major engagement.

As far as systems go I have access to the Red and Blue Decipher Coda books the system is far from amazing but it is good enough. I am open to anything if someone can help me learn it but the simpler the better. The story potential is of more interest to me then the dice. At the same time I wouldn't want it to be too simple like Wushu or Free Form.
I hope someone will consider taking this up.

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Sat 3 Feb 2018
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Star Trek (A Few Specific Story Ideas)
Iím also very interested in joining a Star Trek campaign, especially if we get to play the Klingons, Romulans, or Ferengi.  Even the Borg might be an interesting choice!  My preferred system at this point would be Star Trek Adventures.
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Sun 4 Feb 2018
at 21:41
Star Trek (A Few Specific Story Ideas)
What would you think of using FATE Accelerated or Fate Core to run this?
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Tue 6 Feb 2018
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Star Trek (A Few Specific Story Ideas)
I am open to anything if people are willing to help me with creation and learning how the rules work. To me the story backdrops are what matter
I'm glad someone else jumped up as interested in playing a non Federation game (tho I like them just fine!) I'd be interested particularly in Romulan or Klingon for me Ferengi only appeal to me for certain concept and I wouldn't really want to see an entire game based around them for the type I was thinking. But if we can go with Romulan or Klingon I'd be happy either way

I think I have tried Fate before and didn't take to it all that well if I recall
which doesn't mean I am not willing to try again I just seem to remember that

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Sun 11 Feb 2018
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Star Trek (A Few Specific Story Ideas)
A Romulan campaign would be interesting. I have to see if I could put together something akin to Voyager, but aboard a Romulan ship...
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Fri 16 Feb 2018
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Star Trek (A Few Specific Story Ideas)
In reply to mediiic (msg # 5):

that would be ideal for what I was thinking of all the options that one appealed to me most
voyager or tng cus it'd be pretty cool to play the flagship to
either way
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Mon 26 Feb 2018
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Star Trek (A Few Specific Story Ideas)
just a lil bump