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Tue 2 Jan 2018
at 20:40
Hero 6E Wanting to learn
I would love to be able to check out Hero 6E. Rather it be Superhero, Low Level Street Champions, Fantasy, Sci-fi. I've had the books on my shelf for awhile and have created characters but never played it. I would even be fine with a solo game, if I could find a GM that is willing to teach. A game with a few players would be fine too.

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Sat 3 Feb 2018
at 09:57
Hero 6E Wanting to learn
Texas Rangers, Company G is my game.

It is using 6E. We lost one player so I could use another to take their place. It's not really for the standard superhero. Although we do have some interesting characters with various enhanced senses and such that help to solve crime.

If you might interested check it out and send a rtj