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Sun 4 Feb 2018
at 13:44
Less Common Systems

I'm looking to get into a few games in systems that are less commonly seen.

All Flesh Must Be Eaten:
Good zombie game that I've only gotten to run (with my offline gaming group), but never gotten to play in.

Amber Diceless:
Another great game that I've rarely gotten to play in, and that you really want to be in from the beginning so that you can participate in the auction.

Big Eyes, Small Mouth:
I love BESM, but don't get to play it often enough.  Tri-Stat only, but I'm good with 2nd or 3rd edition.  Also, the old games that were technically standalone versions of 1st edition (Sailor Moon, Tenchi Muyo, Demon City Shinjuku, etc., either as is, or adapted into another edition.)

Dogs In The Vineyard:
I recently came across this game, and would love to give it a try, but my local group won't touch anything western.

Maid RPG:
Another great little game that I largely only have gotten to run rather than play in.

Love the game, have run it with my offline group, but never been a player.  (I'm sure you're sensing a trend here.)

Serenity RPG:
I'm a huge fan of the series, but have never gotten to play the RPG.

Just picked up a copy of this sci-fi rpg from the makers of Pathfinder and I would love to give it a try.

Teenagers From Outer Space:
This is a great little game that I've only played at gaming conventions.

I've played and run this game since the early 80's, but haven't done either in over a decade.  I would prefer Classic, T4, T5 or Mongoose's version, but would give Megatraveller, New Era, or even GURPS Traveller a try.  (Just no Traveller d20.)

Wheel of Time:
I've only gotten to play this setting a little and would love to play some more.

I've played in a single, offline XCrawl game and loved the concept.  Would love to try it again.

The above games I'm good with at any maturity setting (General, Mature, or Adult).  The following games really should be Mature or Adult for true enjoyment.

Blue Rose:
I've had this game a while, but haven't gotten to try it.

The Book of Erotic Fantasy:
I've always wanted to try a 3rd Edition D&D game that utilized the rules from this book.  Clearly this one is Adult only.

Bubblegum Crisis:
This is one of my all-time favorite anime series, but I've never gotten a chance to play the RPG.

Call of Cthulhu:
I'm running a game of CoC d20 with my offline group, but I miss the old Chaosium System.  Any Chaosium edition is fine with me.

Cthulhu roleplaying meets Mecha roleplaying?  This I gotta try.

Demon: The Fallen
Never gotten to play a full on game of Demon, just seen them splashed into other WoD games.

Now, that's an extensive list of options.  Surely there are GM's out there willing to run a game with some of them.  Hope to here from somebody soon and as long as the thread is open, I'm still looking.  (After all, it is a long list; even if I find a game or two, there are many more I want to play.)

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Mon 5 Feb 2018
at 02:31
Less Common Systems
Demon: The Fallen looks like it could be very interesting. If you happen to find a GM for that one, I would totally join the group.
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Mon 5 Feb 2018
at 09:30
Less Common Systems
AFMBE: I have the systems in storage right now, soon as I can get things settled I may try to start up a game/campaign.  Love the game/system.  Easy to learn and run it looks like.  I may still have my copy of TFOS as well....
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Tue 6 Feb 2018
at 15:10
Less Common Systems
I know of at least two Serenity RPGs - are you talking the one with the escalating die size (d2-d4-d6 etc) written by Jamie Chambers?
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Tue 6 Feb 2018
at 16:08
Less Common Systems
In reply to ennervance (msg # 4):

Yes, that's the one I have.  Cortex system published by Margaret Weis Productions.
Davy Jones
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Tue 6 Feb 2018
at 19:08
Less Common Systems
Both Serenity RPGs (the second version, using Cortex-plus, is called Firefly) are MWP games. Serenity has more crunchy bits (which I like), but I also like the different style of character/ship creation and gameplay in Firefly.
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Wed 7 Feb 2018
at 20:34
Less Common Systems
In reply to Cadrac (msg # 1):

I could be persuaded to run a Call of Cthulhu game. Would a modern setting be alright with you? I'd like to give 7th edition a try - last time I played, I think I used 5th.
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Fri 9 Feb 2018
at 16:28
Less Common Systems
In response to Davy Jones:

I only have Serentiy, otherwise I'd be willing to play either.

In response to seethethemeans:

I haven't played 7th yet, but I'd be willing to try it.
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Mon 12 Feb 2018
at 07:09
Less Common Systems
Updated my BESM entry to include the old "Resource Book and Role-Playing Game" products that they used to print before 2nd edition made creating entirely new RPG's for each license unnecessary, allowing them to switch to the Ultimate Fan Guide series that just had appendices with game stat info.

I've gotten into a few Traveller games on my own (not through this posting), but wouldn't mind more, and, while I've had a few expressions of interest from this post, no actual game has materialized yet, so I'm definitely still looking in all categories.
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Wed 14 Feb 2018
at 23:49
Less Common Systems
I play in one game that its whole purpose is to try out other systems. I would love to see more of that here on rpol.

I would be into a one shot adventure of just about anything I have not played before, and some i have. Anyone else into this. We could share some of the gm burdens.
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Tue 20 Feb 2018
at 11:09
Less Common Systems

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Wed 21 Feb 2018
at 16:25
Less Common Systems
In reply to billiam (msg # 10):

Well, I GM enough offline, so if I joined a game like this, I'd want to be just a player.  I'm playing on here to get a break from GMing.
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Thu 22 Feb 2018
at 13:37
Less Common Systems
I just picked up a copy of Starfinder, so I've added it to my list, but I'm still looking for basically every thing here.