National Acrobat
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Fri 23 Feb 2018
at 17:12
Seeking Pathfinder
Wouldn't mind playing in an adult PF game. I run a couple of games, and it would be nice to play in one. Level isn't really an issue. Not fond of Eberron much as far as settings, everything else would be open.
National Acrobat
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Mon 5 Mar 2018
at 17:18
Seeking Pathfinder
Still interested in finding a PF game. Open to solo. I run several games and it would be nice to play in one.

Solo is an option, I prefer druids as pcs or something similar, oracles or sorcerers for a solo game, with a long term plot and prefer adult for themes and plot devices. Prefer wilderness exploration, and long quests, tied to a nature or divine theme.

Thanks for looking.

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Mon 5 Mar 2018
at 17:36
Seeking Pathfinder
I'm also interested in finding a pathfinder game as a pc. I have a couple of the rule books, but no one I know is interested in starting a game.
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Mon 5 Mar 2018
at 23:57
Seeking Pathfinder
Pathfinder the system, or to be a pathfinder character?

If the system, what if it is heavily modified? In a couple weeks, depending on interest, I'll be putting up a fantasy version of SAO.
National Acrobat
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Wed 7 Mar 2018
at 15:48
Seeking Pathfinder
Straight up, not heavily modified PF system. Just a good old fashioned PF game.
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Tue 20 Mar 2018
at 13:49
Seeking Pathfinder
I just created an adult pathfinder game if you're still interested.
link to another game